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Santa Irene Winery

Imagine that you dared enough to capture the soul of a place in a bottle It has been driven by Passion but it is Time Man’s greatest gift that has made Santa Irene wines unique Our century old vines have adapted to altitudes so high that that only God takes care of them nurturing them

WORKING Mini Wine Bottle! DIY

Hi, welcome to Cookin’ Little! Today I’m going to be making a working miniature wine bottle I’m using these plastic pipettes and a clear plastic straw that you can find on these juice boxes I’m just going to cut the bottom off And then I’m going to go around and trim and make sure everything’s

Wine tasting LEALTANZA Crianza DOC Rioja

Welcome to Altanza winery! I am Nerea Guzman, the marketing and communication director at the winery. I’d like to introduce you one of our flagship wines: “Lealtanza Crianza”, which owes its name to the word “lealtad” in ancient Spanish it means “loyalty”, because in our winery we preserve traditional values, in spite of modernity. It’s