Celebrating U.S. Craft Beer, Wine and Whiskey

proud and honored to be able to host this
today, featuring our US wine and bourbon
and crafted brewed beers. SPEAKER 1: We invited
our key customers from all of Austria, which are
the top barkeepers in Austria. We are happy to
be here today also to hand over a very special
gift to Mrs. Wesner, because our master
distiller, Jimmy Russell, is now, for 60 years, working
on the Kentucky Wild Turkey bourbon plant. And for this, there was
a limited edition created for his 60th anniversary. And one of these
bottles, we have here. And we are very proud
to hand it over. ALEXA WESNER: Drinks from
the United States convey part of the culture. Today, we have 18 exhibitors. They are here to provide
you with the opportunity to taste 93 California wines
from 36 different wineries. There will be 63 different
types of craft beer from 25 small breweries. And there will be 32 types
of bourbon and whiskey from 16 different distillers. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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