Champagne for New Years At R&L Liquors, Lewes, Delaware

Tonight, On Coastal Cuisine, I’m at R&L Liquors in downtown Lewes. We’re here to check out their champagne selection. They also have an amazing selection of beers. This is going to be great. Let’s go check it out. New Year’s is right around the corner. Coming up on us yes. You guys have a really Impressive selection. We have an extraordinary selection of Bourbons and Whiskey’s and Ryes. And up to the front we have single malts. It’s a collection of wines and beers and the things that we have in our basement, like the antique things from Dogfish Head… that make this store happen. And of course, we will be open New Year’s hours, which are our normal hours. And we will be open New Year’s Day. But we’re hoping to see people before then. We try to keep an assortment here, because everyone has a particular taste. We have eleven Proseccos from Italy. Wow! We have six Cavas in the store, so there’s plenty of things to choose from. Well, let’s – I think we should try some of this champagne. I think we should! So this is the St. Hilaire. St. Hilaire. Nice, French Brut champagne. Dry Also, we do recommend that they try Prosecco which is Italian champagne. We have Cavas, you know Spanish champagne, so there’s a lot of different options. And you have blue champagne! Blue champagne. I mean that’s fun – and you mentioned something earlier. You said that’s great for baby showers. Oh, it is! Yeah, pink and a blue champagne. Terrific! You can’t beat that! You have a massive beer selection. We’ve got a ton of craft beer. The biggest selection of Dogfish here. Other local beer European craft beer. A lot of Belgian beer. Last year we were named the Best Beer Store in Delaware by Men’s Journal. We’re very proud of that. That’s very impressive! You look around here, and you see beers that I’ve not seen anywhere. You know a lot of limited releases. Stuff you won’t find anywhere else and people are really excited to find some of this stuff. Nice. And you have beer tastings here, right? We do! We do frequent beer tastings. We do tastings on our own. The breweries come here. So, look – whether you’re looking for a great champagne for New Year’s or a phenomenal beer you’re gonna find it here at R&L Liquors in downtown Lewes. You should definitely come check it out. For Coastal Cuisine, I’m your host Michael Sprouse wishing you a very happy new year! Here’s to good taste! The Arts & Entertainment Report is sponsored by the Debbie Reed Team, The Residences of Lighthouse Cove Dewey Beach, Just Comfort Shoes and was produced exclusively by TwinFin Media.

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