Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tips : How is Champagne Made?

Hi this is Chuck Byros for Expert Village
and I’m at Jacksontrigs winery with chief wine maker Marco pickoldy. What we are looking
at now is a shaking table and salting table which are two very important tools to perform
and to maintain the quality of the grapes from the vineyard. In the vineyard we pick
the grapes by hand and we put them in baskets of fifteen to twenty kilos each this is very
important because in this way the grapes are not going to be squeezed by their own weight.
The grapes arrive here, the boxes arrive here and one of our guys dumps slowly the grapes
onto the shaking table. This shaking table pushes the grapes in this direction under
this fan. The fan is useful to remove all kinds of water or juice from the grapes, and
to remove everything is all the wet and the dew that we can have from the grapes at this
point. The juice and that water are collected in this tray and after will be disposed. At
this point is where the real salting happens. The grapes gently fall on this salting table,
this belt that is going toward that direction. Then the people here remove all the damaged
grapes, the damaged berries actually, not the grapes, they literally remove berry by
berry, leaves, and other kind of residue that can come from the vineyard. So in this way
we have the pure, healthy and clean fruit. The fruit at this point will fall inside the
container, a bin that is posed underneath the salting table and gently put inside this
conveyor that moves everything, transports everything, inside a press. That press, is
very, very technically nice and advanced, because this gives me the tool to press the
grapes at the proper pressure. It is very important you don’t over-press the grapes. In the way,


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