Check, Please! Bay Area Wine Tips: Sparkling Red Wines

– When you think of
bubbly, you don’t usually imagine the wine will look like this. Deeply hued with a fine fizz. Around the world there are beautiful red sparklers produced from grapes like Shiraz, Brachetto and Lambrusco. Sparkling Shiraz is a
uniquely Australian invention. And when you’re down under,
it’s gulped along side anything off the barbie, I
like it with barbecue ribs. Northern Italian red sparklers, come in both dry and sweet versions. Lambrusco is made from ancient
native Lambrusco grapes, in the area surrounding Modena and Palma. And ooh yes, it pairs
gorgeously with salty cheeses, drizzled in balsamico. Dry versions are dinner sippers, while Dolce or sweeter
styles make the dessert cut. The perfect chocolate
wine, ah Brachetto d’Acqui. A lightly sweet, lightly fizzy
Italian rouge from Piemonte. Heaven, mmm. Don’t mind if I do.

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