Cherry & Red Wine Cobbler Recipe

(“Dio e Zingaro” by Municipale Balcanica) – Hi, I’m Jerry James Stone and you’re watching “Cooking Stoned”. In today’s episode I’m going
to make this amazing… I think I use the word
amazing probably too much, but it is amazing, I swear! So, it’s an amazing, boozy cherry cobbler. Now, before I get started,
I just want to note, that, like, a lot of times when I eat out, it feels like restaurants
don’t maybe know the difference between a cobbler and a crisp, and so I just want to share
that with you really quickly. So, a cobbler tends to
be something that’s, it’s kind of deep, where
it’s almost like a pot pie, it’s like a fruit pot pie, traditionally, with just
a crust over the top, or cobbles, if you will. I mean, it’s just like a biscuit topping. Whereas, a crisp is much
thinner, and the actual topping for a crisp is maybe like oatmeal. It’s not as hearty as you
would get with a cobbler. So just keep that in mind, I
see this mistake all the time. This is going to be a cobbler recipe, a boozy, cherry cobbler recipe, and I think you’re gonna love it. So the first thing you wanna
do here is pit these cherries. Now, pitting cherries is quite messy. You don’t need a fancy tool like this, you can actually just use a
straw, you can use a screwdriver, you just wanna push that
cherry pit out through. So, if you have something
like this, you don’t put it, the whole cherry in it,
you just hold it over, take your bowl here, as you can see, it looks like some sort of, like a scene from a horror movie, put your cherry over it and just kind of push that pit through. Now, that’s all it takes,
and then, there it is. And this process takes
forever, but you know what, when you’re making a cherry
cobbler, in all honesty, fresh cherries are the best, it’s just, they’re much more flavorful, especially what I’m going to do with it, I’m going to poach them
in some wine first, so it just like absorbs that flavor a lot more than frozen cherries. I know I’m being a bit of a
food snob here by saying that, but use fresh cherries. Plus, they’re gonna be, they’re in season. Peak cherry season is mid-July, with cherries, so, you know they’re going
to be fresh and tasty, no reason to use frozen ones. So you just hang out, watch some Hulu, and pit some cherries,
and then make this recipe. So let’s add in our
one cup of brown sugar, and our star anise, and we’re gonna add a large orange peel. Now we’re gonna add in a
tablespoon of cornstarch, and we’re gonna add one cup of red wine. And we’re just going to
bring this to a boil, and then let it cook until the liquid begins to thicken, and the cherries are
nice and tender and soft. Now we’re going to make
our cobbler topping. Starting with one cup of
flour, we’re gonna add in a 1/4 cup of sugar, and this is a mix of brown sugar and regular cane sugar. We need our baking powder, our 3/4 of a teaspoon of baking powder, and a 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda, and now 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and just kind of mix that together. Now we’re going to cut in
five tablespoons of butter, you want the butter to be
cold, that’s really important. Just using this little tool
here, you can use a fork, whatever, just kind of mash the butter in, and work it into this flour mixture, so that it ends up looking kind of like, sort of like cornmeal
when you’re done with it, once you’ve kind of broken
up all the butter in there. Now that that is, the butter
is cut in there nicely. It’s not, you don’t
need to be perfect here, I mean this is gonna be
a cobbler topping, so, the more bumpy and crumbly
and imperfect it looks, actually makes it look more perfect, if that makes any sense at all. So, now we’re going to mix in our yogurt. So what I have here is
1/3 cup of Greek yogurt that’s just been mixed
with just a tablespoon of milk to thin it out. We’re gonna add that
to our dry ingredients here for the cobbler. And now we’re gonna fold the Greek yogurt into the dry ingredients. Now, this is really important, you don’t want to overwork this, you don’t want it to be, if you overwork it,
it’s going to be tough, and you don’t want that. So work it in there, as it
starts to kind of ball up, and this is what’s gonna make our topping. So now we’re going to go
ahead and make the cobbler. The first thing I’m gonna
do before I do anything is I’m gonna add about a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar to my cherries. Now this is just to provide some acidity, it’ll really complement the wine and the star anise, and all that stuff. So it’s just going to, not
gonna add a ton of flavor, it’s just gonna round it out a bit. So just gonna add that in
and mix it in the cherries. And now I’m gonna add
my cherries to my pan. You wanna make sure that
you pull out the star anise and the orange peels before you do this, you do not want to bake those into this. There’s one right there, make sure you remove that stuff. So just add those to your pan. This smells so good! And now I’m gonna go ahead and just add on the cobbler topping. Like I said, imperfection
is what you want here. Just kind of spread it out, it doesn’t have to be uniform or pretty, in fact, the less pretty the better, and the tastier, for some
reason, I don’t know, like, nice, sloppy, cobbler
with all these lovely biscuit things on top just
looks so gorgeous to me! I don’t know, just me. You can do it however you want. This is how I’m doing it,
it’s my video (laughs). Now I’m just gonna bake
this for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees. I think it’s about ready. Let’s pull this outta here. Oh yeah, that looks pretty freaking good. How tasty is that?


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