Chicago’s Best BBQ: Sheffield’s Wine & Beer Garden

(upbeat rock music) – Lakeview has a
corner bar that’s not your typical neighborhood spot. Sheffield’s has a beer
garden, and they smoke all their own barbecue in house. Craig said we had to
check this place out for its deceptively killer meat. And with a description like
that, you can count us in. – Sheffield’s is just
a great, corner bar. – And the beer
garden is amazing. – It’s fun to come definitely
before a Cubs game. – It’s just a great,
little neighborhood spot. – And the food is great. – So 29 years, you’ve
owned Sheffield’s. What makes Sheffield’s
so special? – Before the word, craft beer,
came out, we were doing that. 17 years ago, 16 years
ago, we added a kitchen. What goes better with beer?
(energetic rock music) – [Marley] You’ve got
lots of good beer, but we came for the brisket. – The brisket here is excellent. – Very sweet and tender,
it’s like the best date you’ve ever had. (both laugh)
– That was brilliant! I have a feeling it’s already
been smoked and everything, so it’s probably gonna be
hard for me to mess it up. – [Rocky] You gotta
get your hands dirty. – [Marley] Oh, I’ll
get my hands dirty. – Do a little
rubbing of the meat. (sfx: brakes screech) So we like to rub our meat here. – Okay.
(crickets chirping) So, barbecue sauce. You have a few,
one is very cool, because you offer a
coffee barbecue sauce. We do that one, which
is the coffee stout. It’s a little bit
sweeter, and then we have a Jack Daniel’s one,
which is a little spicier. – I’m a girl that likes
options, I’m a dipper, -Okay.
-So if there are
different sauce options, – There will be, yeah.
– I’ll just dip away. – After you rub the meat, then you can start
dipping the meat. (sfx: HI-yo!) – Let’s just jump to why
you’re Chicago’s Best. – We let the people speak,
so we haven’t really promoted it, but
the people have, and that’s the way we’ve wanted
to from the very beginning. – Well, the people told
us, that’s how we got here. – Thank you.
– I think it’s time for me to rub some meat,
something I didn’t envision saying this morning, (Rocky
laughs) but we’re here. Terrence, we got a
big hunk of meat here. (sfx: Hey now!) – [Terrence] This is our
brisket, prime-choice. This is about 15 pounds.
– So we should probably get to cooking this.
– Yes. So the first thing
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get our rub. Toss them all in,
give them a good mix. – That’s good.
– Good? – Yep, and now we’re gonna
start trimming our brisket. If you feel comfortable
with it, you can cut. – This is a lesson in
how not to use a knife with Marley Kayden. – Freaking me out. (laughs) Well, the way you’re holding
the knife is a little weird. I like to cuff my knife. – [Marley] That’s garbage,
you didn’t show me that before we started!
(Terrence laughs) – [Terrence] Now we’re gonna
inject it with our beef broth and our apple juice. Push!
– I feel like I’m having a baby, push! – Now, the next
step we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put
our adobo rub on it. Now the fun part: we
get to fill the shaker and season up the beef. The higher you are, the
more surface area you get. Parmesan cheese
trick, I’m an Italian. – [Terrence] Now we’re
ready for the smoker.
– Alright! – And how long does
she stay in there for? – [Terrence] Uh, 16 hours. – Well I’m gonna
take a wild guess that you’ve got
one ready for us. – We do.
– You wanna plate that up and I’ll go find my way
into the beer garden? – Well, first we have to
put wood in the smoker. – Oh… – [Marley] You
left that part out. (upbeat guitar music) – As a pit master, I know
brisket is not the easiest thing in the world to cook,
she’s a demanding vixen, but if you do it right in the
end, man, like they do it here, it comes out of that
smoker, and it’s top notch. – We’ve got some two
really good looking plates of brisket here, Rocky.
– We do. – It is so tender. – [Rocky] And you
get a nice smokiness without being too oversmoked. – It just falls
apart in your mouth, you almost don’t have to chew. – You don’t. I’m a big fan of the
Jack Daniel’s sauce, let’s try the coffee now. I like both.
– And the fries dip into that very well, also.
– These are so good. The spice, right,
it’s the same rub? Because I can taste the cinnamon.
– Yeah, it is. Chicago’s Best.
– Cheers to that. (glasses clink)

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