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Today we’re going to have a day of stand up
paddle boarding and wine drinking. But not at the same time. This morning on New Zealand’s Biggesy Gap
Year Day 260 we went to paddle board in Napier Harbour it was a morning filled of uneven
balance and of seagulls and join us now for the continuation of today’s adventures. We are hitting the road to our next destination
of our itinerary today which is the Church Road Winery we’re going to be doing a behind
the scenes winery tours as well as loads of tastings. That’s how a proper tour should start. Let’s
fill it up. With a glass in hand we are following our
tour guide outside so she can start giving us some of the history behind the Church road
Winery. one of the really cool things about this winery is the oldest commercial winery
in New Zealand making Hawke’s Bay the region which is the oldest wine region in New Zealand
as well. Our guide goes through some of the initial
stages of the wine making process including seperating grapes from unwanted objects then
she is opening the doors to where the magic happens. this is where the wine starts its
fermentation process. But most importantly this is where we’re going to be doing our
wine tasting straight from the vat during the different stages of the fermentation process. They’ll crush the red grapes and put the skins
and juice into these tanks then we’ll add the yeast and the yeast starts to convert
sugar into alcohol and CO2 giving off. Those massive wooden stuff that we are looking
at right now are French oak vats. They were actually the first winery in New Zealand to
use wooden vats and this is what gives this really oaky taste to the wine. Moving onto the outside section of the winery
we get to taste wine in every single stage of the process. It’s really cool to taste
the difference and all the difference which makes each step of the process in the wine.
We start with the first taster which is basically just grape juice and as we go there is a little
bit more alcohol that can be tasted. It’s quite fascinating. During our tour out guide is telling us more
about the terroir of the Church Road Winery. it’s actually one of the 72 different wineries
in the Hawke’s Bay region. It seems like a lot but Church Road stand above the rest because
it is one of the earliest wineries and they established the wine region as a wine region. And tour-wise one of the unique aspects of
Church Road Winery is that they have a mini museum. It’s a really awesome place where
we get to learn so much more about the Hawke’s Bay region as well as the wine making process
at Church Road Winery. This wine museum is set within huge concrete
vats that used to store wine and you can actually see some of the crystals that have been formed
from the wine producing tartaric acid. But today it stores wine making tools and
early wine making equipment which dates back to 3000 years. There’s also a few scenes set
up from the early wine making days. It’s a great place to learn more about the
wine making history in Hawke’s Bay and for instance, it was the first place in New Zealand
to produce Bordeaux style red wine because of the similar climate to Bordeaux in France. Along the tour as we learn about the history
of the wine region as well as the culture of wine in New Zealand we’re learning that
the Hawkes’ Bay region is actually the largest red wine producer in the whole country. in
fact, it produces 88% of the red grapes of New Zealand. That’s all your merlot, carbonet
sauvignon, syrah — all of that comes from hawke’s bay. I really like how in-depth this tour goes
throughout the one hour and half that we spend with our guide we learn so much about the
wine culture in New Zealand as well as even meeting a few people through pictures obviously
that started the Church Road Winery back in the days. It’s really awesome. And the last section of our tour is actually
taking us through a massive room full of French oak barrel. which are keeping some of the
best wine made right here in Church Road. It’s a really awesome way to finish the tour
as we are now making our way to the banquet table that has been set for us. Here we’re going to be learning about wine
pairing. how to put wine with different food and actually get some awesome tastes out of
it. And it’s really surprising how selected wine change completely the taste of selected
ingredients. Are you enjoying it robin? Honestly, the olives actually taste very different
after the wine. That is a strong difference. But obviously we’re here for the wine, wine
and even more delicious wine. Don’t like olives? I don’t like olives at all. But I have to
be honest. After the wine, because I don’t like red wine, the olives taste better. Is there anything you do like? I like everything except olives… Chicken nuggets and chips is that what you
order off the kids menu. Wow.

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