Clàssic 2017 de Celler Pascona

In what moment of life do you become classical? First you want to go fashionable and when you’re never old fashioned, you’re a classic. This week we recommend the Classic, from Pascona winery. How many people will tell you these days: a red wine? Soo much sun! Do not even take it at room temperature in a terrasseta of hell! The classic is a fresh wine, because it leaves these vineyards, which have granite lands. Granite is like your brother-in-law, it absorbs all liquids and is a fresh quality. To give you strength And elegant because they have done an Erasmus in French oak barrels. For classics its aromas: cherries, figs and veins like vanilla. In the mouth it is sweet and complex. A red wine after the holidays, to return to normal … Are you classic or old-fashioned? You are in the flower of life, be quiet.

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