Claudio Comella – Wine Experience Enero 2015

Hello and welcome to January 2015’s Wine Experience My name is Claudio Comella and this Wine Experience is called: TRIOJA, as it is about three Rioja wines Today we’ll be between tradition and novelty. So let’s get down to this thoughtful selection to help you during “hard January” after Christmas hangover when our economical budget is dramatically reduced this 6-wine selection is unexpensive and that goes without saying: exceptional. January’s selection first wine: from our dear friend Jorge Lecea, LECEA CRIANZA 2011, Tempranillo variety it’s a single variety wine produced in La Rioja, excuse me a second, in Rioja Alta, land of acidities where legendary 904 and 890 are produced Viña Ardanza also… and here Lecea, a super traditional winery, with centenary, natural underground rock cellars pure Rioja essence in this 100% Tempranillo, terrific you’ll find smoke notes, those harvest’s embers scents you know those barbecues at the end of the harvest, when lamb cutlets are grilled over vine shoots embers this very typical note is present here, as in all classic Rioja wines Lecea… a wine… that brings you back to childhood you surely have visited some winery with your parents, and have seen those vats and barrels and that typical smell of classical winery which are now disappearing, but Jorge, thanks to his father Luis Alberto Lecea, current president of DO Rioja Regulating Council, continues producing this excellent, honest wine, at a very competitive price take advantage of this month’s Wine Experience! Remember: smoke and vine shoots, with remarkable acidity in mouth. Let’s go now from Rioja Alta to Rioja Baja, with ALDONIA Crianza 2011 made with Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano varieties Rioja Baja, and these wines’ main features, as Palacios Remondo have a more Mediterranean profile Mediterranean supplies more maturity, have more fruit, acidity is more balanced, and you’ll find kefir, yoghourt notes as I call them milky, acid and sour flavours it is more fruity than Lecea fruit is rounder and stronger and in mouth it seems to be rounder it fills you up, while Lecea is sharper Aldonia is rounder, it fills your mouth it’s similar to some Italian wine I tasted lately, that sour kefir nuance it’s here And the third and last wine: we go from Rioja Baja to Rioja Alavesa from Viñaspre: TENTENUBLO Tinto 2013 magic and powerful Roberto Olivan provides us the third vintage, remember Roberto’s first vintage was the year 2011, this is 2013 vintage and Roberto, a daring, audacious young man in a… wild rush that keeps on experimenting, testing, and his Tentenublo turns more refined at each vintage, considering the three wines Tentenublo is the stronger one if you enjoy potent, full bodied wines in this wine fruit is more powerful than ever The more characteristic note here, we were saying it before with the team that toasted corn smell note, like opening a Mister Corn bag all toasted corns attack you here it is stronger in mouth also, black fruits traces also salty notes cranberries, bilberries, blackberries… all those fruits if you take some of these and liquefy them and taste directly you’ll notice it’s sort of bitter and salty Tentenublo by Roberto Olivan has this salty note and this strength you know that power without control is useless… Tentenublo! so let’s greet this cold January month see my stocking hat and scarf… six wines, Wine Experience unforgettable: LECEA, our first challenge Crianza 2011, 14 months ALDONIA crianza as well, 2011, 12 months in 300 and 500 litres foudres these two are more traditional, classic wines, and the novelty is TENTENUBLO by Roberto Olivan, 2013, and that’s all, we finish here and say good-bye until next month See you

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