Closing Table Mastermind – Napa California

get ready for the most powerful room in
real estate we out here just landed in Sacramento at closing table you’re gonna
get all the latest strategies that industry-leading professionals are using
to grow their business right now we took everyone to four different
vineyards few of us going to dinner at French Laundry let’s jump into day one
we’re on our way to Napa to the Andaz hotel right excited about it God all
checked in at the Andez got a cool room overlooking Main Street right here
and then we’re about to head over to the happy hour so we’ll see in a minute
just got down here to the networking event great fireside chats with people
with Carol and Deanna to people the amazing closing table team really
excited about today I’ve got a ton of good speakers come in a little bit
chilly out this morning but really looking forward to it we bring in the
best of the best to speak to our members we have speakers on marketing growth
hacking scaling acquisitions adding profit centers and much much more
today was amazing Michael Bernoff his stuff on the 5149 and learning how to
get on someone’s preferred side was super ninja and finished day one back up
in the room just getting ready to go probably to go out tonight the best part
about the events is not only what happens in the room but what happens
outside of the room what was the name of the place we just ate at okay yes I’m trying we had an entree an entree delicious oftentimes the real business
gets done outside of the office we’re having some Italian food this morning
feeling nice and fresh about ready to kick off day two and get started we’ve
got another full stack of amazing speakers bottom line we’re all about
helping you get results in your business and have things that you can implement
right away not last year not five years ago not ten years ago but right now in
today’s real estate market big shout out to Keri Shull who won another wicked
smart for third or fourth trophy big shout out to the champ wrapped up our
second day of sessions where I hear downtown Napa just got on the bus about
to have his winery and hey let’s see what you think of day one at this event
being the fact that we were in Napa Valley we thought it’d be a great idea
to get a bus and take the crew wine-tasting this is a unique opportunity to debate
especially curated you are going to get to experience a collective of wines
today they’re highly sought-after in very limited production we took everyone
to four different vineyards to give us an amazing experience and
behind-the-scenes tour on how they make the wines and really great experience to
get to know everybody back at the Andaz hotel picked up a couple cases of wine
what’d you think of the winery great yeah double-fisting it’s amazing
got some Pinos some calves little this little that last night we went out to
Charlie Palmer’s just down the strip a little ways had an amazing dinner a
little surf and turf getting ready to kick off day three of the event we’re
gonna be breaking for a big networking brunch where everyone just gets to get
together share ideas share their key takeaways live action here with Kerry so
what’d you think about this event and it’s just it just blows my mind every
time I’m here not bad this one’s a champion right here on the menu don’t be on the menu
we out here we’re out here out at French Laundry gonna do this
let’s do this hold rub it for good look through one of the members in closing
table we even got a behind-the-scenes connection at one of the nation’s top
restaurants French Laundry which is a Michelin three-star restaurant and one
of the hardest restaurants to get a table at in all the United States we even got a tour of the wine cellar
that has over 20,000 vintages on site some of which are over a hundred years
old at the end of the day closing table is
all about getting together learning growing and stretching yourself around
people that are doing very big things in the real estate space we’d love to save
you seat at the next one just finished up another massively successful closing
table event if you have any questions about the next one shoot me a message
and I’ll look forward to talking to you soon
and if you like what you saw subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you on the
next one you

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