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I am fortunate to be the team member of 20 of those who are always sent on trips abroad last year I told you about china thanks to the brussels world competition I did the report on how wine Italian manages to finish on the tables of the best restaurants in Tokyo and this year I’m bringing you to another location fantastic you guessed where we’re going We are at cap de romain in switzerland we are visiting this beautiful area this beautiful company thanks to the opportunities that the brussels world competition gave us 2019 which this year is held for example and in these days we have already begun to taste massive remo more and more great wines from around the world blindly with 350 international judges follow us and we hope to be able to import you into a path that you will touch from the pinot noir of Kazakhstan up to temporary Mexican obviously passing for those that are the great excellences of the countries of the very old Right from the first step inside the egle velodrome a very strong emotion starts immediately sit down with some of the most important judgments in the world between tasting some of the 9 thousand and 500 wines have been sent for tasting is an experience truly unique The famous master of wine and president of one of the juries of the brussels world competition 2019 and we’re going to ask what you actually think of the Swiss wine we had the opportunity to investigate what squadristi met strains tweak Meetings Of Great freshness purity tradition and also of the varieties that are completely native therefore we are obviously in an area in an alpine territory and therefore it is obviously a territory to discover we thank keys for being with us thank you very much the harley don Until next time From the velodrome to the Swiss vineyards knowing in depth the judges and also learning to know more and more the variety of the sas and the these are paths that remain etched in the memory We are with gillet who is an importer but also a wine maker South African and now let’s go ask her a little about her experience her expectation concerns the brussels world competition closed in fatty ros each network the wi fi 6 There exists united nations of our it is basically brussels are the united nations of excellent quality wine should be emphasized as precisely is important for tasters 350 from all over the world can compare themselves to what wine is and what food is and it is an opportunity obviously unique for tasting wines to the whole world thank islet its pingue run senses and snakes So the one that is basically telling us that you enter competitions obviously to win e making and collecting medals right now South Africa is experiencing a church evolution that has been going on for five ten years in which it won very much and we are passing from a perception of wines more we say industrial a version of wines much of quality and the showman blanc is probably one of those vines that is currently representing the excellences of south africa thank you for being there are saint cyr way of testing How not to be affected by the bug for the ast from this desire Unbridled travel when you meet so many incredible characters with stories to tell breathtaking landscapes lakes so many lakes castles vineyards we really had the chance to experience first-hand what is a wonderful world of that world he takes his breath away world that is made of stories of wine but also of people from territories We are one of the many giuseppe carrus gambero rosso top level tasters who populated the brussels world contest is a joke on the fly joseph we visited some wineries vineyards I would like to know from you what a little the impression on the movement of wine in Switzerland is the beauty of the world with just that the itinerant competition is now in the countries and you can taste many wines in the morning but then in the afternoon you go around the various cellars Switzerland is very near Italy for a territory also unknown to those who like me make the taster like saying by profession we have seen so much excitement because the vineyards are a marvel and to these vineyards he is following a practice that he brings in wine glasses surely fascinating, highly territorial, that one that we all seek it is nice to see that then we move and change the lands change the zones and as in all Regions where we can make teruel wines also happens here so beautiful yesterday for example that a an hour away from the canton vaud up to the vale we heard the same vines but interpreted differently precisely because it changes the look microclimatic is the aspect of territory this is very beautiful then very interesting this trip to Switzerland giuseppe we thank you for your time for lending yourself to the snow for lending yourself to the incursions of others tasters and see you these points in the Czech republic thank you so much thanks to you we are with sofia bogey another of the judges of the brussels world competition journalist who comes from Hungary we would like to know from your sofia right now we are already known in china we have already had the experience But together we would like to understand from the point of view of a journalist coming from Hungary how exciting was the discovery of Swiss wine thanks for the question I have been very interesting for those in Hungary for example the variety scene is known as a failure by cutting to eat and not to make wine so we visited the canton neuchatel chant in a cellar where we have tasted various chance the various different and different types of each for example there was one that was not filtered is very interesting for us why first we had a prejudice of this variety and then we understood why a lot important but in Switzerland it is also in the world and then also the pinot noir which is much more popular in every year Made a great pleasure for us to taste at Corvino The gastronomic culture these crane reforms the cheeses I liked them so much blown thanks also for this inspiration on the food that anyway a perfect match of the tradition with the hall and see you at this point in the Czech republic thanks a lot thank you very much we are clear and would like to ask you something that I think is very interesting, very important compared to the world competition in brussels just the importance for a territory of being there not only as a single company Brussels World Competition represents one of those of those competitions perhaps the biggest is for the unique organization in the world where there is the possibility for companies to be known to get in touch with around 350 tasters from all over the world and obviously also presence and participation of companies in this wine competition it has an added value because the brussels world competition After the al competition organizes those events of information but above all creating brought opportunities to introduce companies to buyers at to journalists to the specialized press and to all this all that gravitates in the world of wine but above all in terms of information and knowledge training and therefore also in the development of the market thank you very much and will continue at this point in the next edition of the world competition thanks to you and the next competition maurizio valeriani director of wine to drink a taster important historian at the world competition in brussels maurizio feel how well it has been these days we have tasted different wines from all over the world world is an experience that obviously shares journalists like me sommelier buyers different backgrounds different extractions and origins this means the possibility of having a very nice comparison among people who also have different tastes, the reason why we are here to share our feelings I think this is very important because we should also remember that Italian wines are more than 60 percent abroad so understanding what these people think about our wines and their wines is something that I think is fundamental opens the mind and there it takes away that self-reference that we often have as well as other tasters from other countries has illuminated Italian wines at this point in your opinion how important it is for the Italian wine world will be present at such an important competition that compares Italian wine with the world and I believe it is fundamental precisely because as I said it is fundamental to understand a little the perception that exists abroad of our wines we often think that our wines are necessarily the best, this is not necessarily said we will have great wines however we must know how to communicate them and make them known and appreciated even in contexts like this which is however the most important context for a world competition In Europe and probably also of the world, let’s not forget the strength of the world competition in brussels in making known those who are the host territories so we have the opportunity to taste many wines local wines compared to the destination next year so to the czech republic what are your expectations but I have great expectation why let’s say it’s a reality that I know to a certain extent and therefore or more than anything else enthusiasm e Want to know these territories that I know much less from the point of view and we who therefore hope to discover the loans maurizio we thank you and at this point we will see you in the czech republic very willingly soon the world competition is much more than just excellent wines from all over the world and we are with thierry who will explain exactly why he has already seen guineo is given with this world we have and the white plains Televisionista White Mondialism Edition of Main tasks Categories Amin gin and brand design whiskey and to his body but send us like vadesi rings and juan impose initial categories not only wikileaks As you have already guessed in reality because they are words international the world competition is also a part dedicated to high spirits spirits for quite a while now within spirits we see with some protagonists such as gin and whiskey and so on but also then some Italian excellences like grappa this is a commitment on the part of the competition to enhance what is a job is slightly different from the of the producers and we are very happy to be able to tell you about them maybe next year more deeply than even the competition on spirits Science Concentration days of the video No But and I don’t know which brands left us the microphone now I don’t know if we want to talk about the world competition or Fabio pracchia slow wine I don’t know how these days went We have been working 24 hours a day so they didn’t go well apart from that being here later the Chinese experience with you along with marco and giuseppe carrus is definitely a very fun experience we discuss issues related to the competition but we also discuss issues related to our loved ones Italic wines so it is always an opportunity for friendship that me I always take the fly very willingly the competition is a competition that, according to me, is gradually getting better and better I find interesting the regions that in the first years were a little behind at the point of logical tiredness Romanians see some regions of the world that eventually are yes, unfortunately, I have not yet taken the tour of Romania, but I must say that in reality the end Being in an international context tastings with palates of different origins with different educational backgrounds is always a great opportunity for growth and it is also an emotion that really excites me when then there are these events a little bit of presentations the wait for the stage of the year following me always makes this situation a little emotional experienced from the inside therefore an occasion very nice that I hope to renew next year too what about you I don’t know but he was a part of you, you said everything in the sense that I compare myself to the least, I find myself completely in what you said and then in Switzerland I had never been because I never chose Swiss, I don’t have bank accounts And a good experience is not and because in fact drinking Swiss wines is not a trivial thing in Italy it doesn’t happen every day we had the chance to drink a lot of chasse la and not only I know evening was a vine that I barely knew we are in short, between the Valais from Lake Geneva and then the Côte but we have been around for a lot of names, I think it was also a great opportunity to confront with a variety that incredibly it becomes very interesting to pass the years because we have tasted wines with ten twenty thirty years of aging and there I always found good wines really says something that even I fully agree with the Swiss knew as an adjective the Swiss army knife their Swiss Swiss punctuality we actually found out that there is a country of great vocation to wine and I do not know if I agree or chance reminds in some ways the vernaccia of san gimignano no shy as soon as it comes out on the trade then it actually gives away through the substance the sapidity the viscosity of the sip an aging potential really to be discovered is very interesting But in fact among other things the next step from the point of view of the shah evening for what concerns me is to go a little bit beyond these general characteristics we have discovered, therefore, to understand if there are not only crus specific that we have a little intuition but just going to look for companies that do not work better to understand then how do we compare ourselves between different expressions in terms of expressiveness of the cellar of personal idea of ​​the ined p so that we want to do we organize a tour yacht and marco and giuseppe a bus and bring our Italian friends to switzerland go to see you in switzerland with all of you Our adventure in Switzerland is coming to an end we have tasted we have known other newspapers are tasters to all the world we have met wine producers have investigated what the knowledge of its axis is and of other indigenous vines in Switzerland ie we are going to go at the airport to take in our plane we hope to have told you about an adventure is an interesting journey and we’re looking forward to the brussels world competition even in his new mission in the Czech Republic for this moment it is all very soon

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