Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Aventura Florida

“This project here is located in north of
Miami, Aventura area. It is one of the more affluent communities in the general mining
area. This project here is high-end residential. The client had a goal for roughly about 800
to 1,000 bottles they’re trying to accommodate. They wanted a modern feel for the space. They
wanted a really defined custom wine cellars North Miami Florida for their wine collection.
The first part that I decided to go with to be the main focal point of the wine room and
to be the biggest visual element was the back wall. I wanted to do that with a wood product
that was going to have a darker stain. Something with a little modern feel, streamline
look, and not too ornate with a pretty good storage capacity. In doing the wine cellar
design, we went for double deep lower level that is two bottles deep. It gives the wine
cellar a nice look and good bulk storage. It’s great for a wine collector that buys
a lot of light kind product.” “Can we go in and look at the lower area there?”
“Absolutely.” “This is the diamond bin. This is a very traditional
method to store bulk. A lot of restaurants utilize this just because you get so much
more storage capacity per square foot. In this case, the client here is only using
the front. Their needs haven’t really met what the capacity for this space is yet. But
they kind of wanted a room that they could grow into, so this is a perfect accent piece
for them. This product up here is horizontal storage
and it allows for the wine bottles to be displayed three bottles deep. It’s really nice because
you’re not searching around for your wine bottles, yet it still allows you a depth of
three bottle capacity up here. What we decided to add in this part here was a little bit
of stemware holder for the client. A lot of clients like to have in their contemporary
wine cellar a place where they can hang their stemware or their glassware, so it’s all in
that one space. They don’t have to go looking off in the kitchen and it’s a nice visual
element as well. The little work space area is a little bit deeper for bottles that you
have decanted. A little open area with matching wooden product. It is sealed with a stain.
We occasionally do it with lacquer. In this case here, it’s just regular stain to match
the look that the client had in mind.”


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