Cooper’s Hawk & LVE by John Legend

So, we’re going to make some wine today? With music, we’re looking for that
perfect balance of the notes and the colors and the instruments, and all
those things to come together. And I think, when we’re blending wine, I
think we should aim for the same feeling where, “Oh, okay, that’s where it feels
exactly right.” All of these elements are in harmony now. You just do kind of
know when it comes together, and I think this wine has come together like so many
we’ve done before. This one, though, I’m going to give you some credit for probably the
best wine… We did it, guys! It’s about collaboration first of all,
and people bringing their expertise, their palates, and now we’ve come
together to make something really beautiful. So music, food, wine, and great
people and passion… I’ll drink to that! Cheers to friendship!

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