Couples Play Truth or Drink (Chanarah & Cid) | Truth or Drink | Cut

Aw, why do you love me? Why do you love me? Why do you love me? I’m Chanarah, and I’m Cid. Year and a half. Oh man… what’s the meanest thing I’ve said to you? Chanarah: Spit it out! Cid: You called me greasy. You called me ugly. No, I don’t! Cid: Sometimes. Chanarah: He lyin’! Cid: Why’d your mouth do that? Chanarah: Don’t start with me. See now, how are you gonna be like “Oh, you picking on me…” [mocks] “Why’s your mouth doing that?” Cid: Hmm. When was the last time you masturbated and who were you thinking of? Who were you thinking of, Chanarah? Chanarah: Oh Lord Jesus, what the hell? Hm? When’s the last time you whacked off? Mmm. Chanarah: Have you ever thought about cheating on me? Cid: No, not never. Chanarah: You lyin’. Chanarah: Why are you laughing? Cid: Get out of my face, bro. Cid: Was there a point where you thought I would leave you? Chanarah: Oh, yeah, we went on a break. So I’m pretty sure you like pissed your pants every day like… Where’s she at? Cid: It was nice. You liked it too! But why was it nice for you? Cid: Imma just shut the fuck. No, I’m not talking. If I was in a coma, how long would you wait for me? Cid: Oh, forever. That’s a great question. Chanarah: What? Cid: Hm? I’m gonna… I’m gonna go ahead and pull this card. Name your top three celebrity hall passes. Boom! Imma have to go for… Tank. Safari and Frank Sinatra if he was alive, but like young alive. Not old, we don’t do that. It probably won’t work. Aw… Why do you love me? Because you’re a hundred percent you. Why do you love me? You’re like the best six flags out there. Like I like to want all the rides. Are your parents gonna watch this? Probably. How many sexual partners have you had? And… …whoa, and… Where do I rank? He does, ‘cuz we have the same number. Yeah, where do I rank? Chanarah: You’re obviously at the end. Wait, which end? Oh, no. Oh, no! Okay. Which one of my friends are you most attracted to? I already know. It’d get kind of awkward if I had to answer that. Chanarah: You think? No, it wouldn’t. Which one of my friends are you most attracted to? I’m not gonna say most attracted to but I’ll say like Brandon’s kind of cute! Oh, shoutout to Brandon! If I decided to transition, would you stay with me? Transition to what? Cid: If my physical gender does not match. Chanarah: Sure, we’re gonna be pretty together! Boom! Do you think we’ll always be together? Yeah, yeah. 100%. What about you? Yeah! Good. Wanna cheers to each other? That’s really corny.


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