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The average duration of sex for most couples is around ten minutes. Ten minutes? We can’t even get started in ten minutes. That’s totally a- that’s a man problem. I’m Tony. My name’s Annika. She’s my girlfriend, and we met running track together in college. *Glasses clink* Okay, you can go first. *Glass sliding across table* How many sexual partners have you had? Just one. Who’s that? This one. Twenty-four. I’m almost twenty-seven. I caught her pretty young I mean can only expect so much. -Fair enough. How many sexual partners have you had? Like two. About four. So which one? Let’s say two. Alright, we’ll go with that. Would you ever consider having an open relationship? Can it be like ninety-eight too? Like can it be 98% me Like by open relationship you mean you’re gonna sleep with someone one time after I’m dead. *Laughing* Then yes. I don’t know. I think I- I don’t know probably the answer would be no because I’d probably be like sure yeah, let’s do it. I’ll be okay, and then I wouldn’t and so then I’d break up with you. If you could sleep with any person in the world Who would it be? *Sucking in air.* So toss-up- I know who it is. Who is it? Say it at same time. Channing Tatum. He’s dreamy so and I would sleep with his wife or maybe both of them at the same time. *High five* That’s the dream. Um, do you ever faked an orgasm? No. I’ll ask that question back cause I know the same answer. No. We’re very talented. Also, I would know if she did. If our sex life was a porn what genre would it be? You know what it would be? What? Wait. I’m not supposed to answer the question I’ll help you. You know the really annoying like, “Oh like we’re just friends, like, hanging out”, and then they’re like Dun-nun-nu People are like oh like girlfriends like best friends in a locker room. And you’re like. Oh my god, seen that before and then it’s like oh no that’s like literally our story. No I agree with that for sure That’s rough to realize your life story line is a cheesy overdone porn. What’s your favorite and least favorite sex position? I like going down on her. That’s easily my favorite thing. What’s my least favorite? Sex for longer than three hours is the position I don’t like. My favorite’s when you’re going down on me. Make a good team. Do you have a least favorite? Where I’m like: “Hey, Tony”, and she’s like. Annika, go away. I’m asleep. Have you ever had a threesome? Would you? No and yes. Probably a man. No for sure with a man. Yeah, woman are very needy. What’s one thing you would change about me? I am ready to get married, and I am ready to have children That’s true. And she’s not. I wish we could like be more on the same page about that. Sorry. It’s okay. Are you attracted to any of my friends? Always been a little bit been in love with Catherine. Cause she’s just dreamy. She’s British. She’s just kind of cool really. She cut her hair short, so I kind of got inspired to cut my hair short I don’t think she’d be interested in you. Catherine knows I love her. I know. What do you find most annoying about me? Sometimes she wears bizarre clothing. Orange high tops socks with palm trees on them. Leggings with frogs on them maybe with a Jean vest and then a hat Like I’ve just seen that outfit. It’s a good one Where do you see us in 10 years? Hopefully there’ll be a marriage and then there will be some kids. Okay. Will you marry me right now? Oh not tonight. Oh? Good one, give it like two years Be nice. What do you think of my family? I’m pouring myself a shot. What’s happening? I love your family. Certain members of the family love me more than certain other members of the family. Go ahead. Some of the important ones. Like my parents. Yeah that one. My parents don’t really agree with this relationship. I never had a problem until this. I think they’re just a different generation that still feels a lot of stigma and they are fear for that for their daughter. Oh, her parents are so excited. They’re like why aren’t there any now? You know, not really. No. They also already have some grandkids and that and they love them they’re special. So I think they would get on board. For sure. Eventually. I can’t believe you did this. I’m very proud of you. I did it for you. I love you. I love you.

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