Crash-and-grab break-in at Gratiot liquor store in Detroit

they have had a Detroit liquor store owners say their pleas for protection are falling on deaf ears and this string of robberies just won’t stop they’ll follow the exact same pattern thieves slammed through the wall then help themselves to absolutely everything yeah it’s a disturbing trend for sure for the business owners and police and now the question is is this the same crew or is it just the new normal for store break-ins for crashing grabs in Detroit over the past three weeks with no sign of letting up number five this morning on Gratiot they’re walking take a stop walking no phone no police the store owner accurately notes these three guys are methodical using a trash bin to load up alcohol and anything else they can grab and when they’re done one guy drives the pickup away and the others walk away one with two cases of booze he could – two cases you walk with it you know it’s care it’s a far cry from last week’s crime scenes three-man crews frantically stuffing liquor in their pants and scooping it off shelves only to see most of it end up on the floor and they did it they did a five-star sick store nobody touching especially that happened in Detroit Olney business owners aren’t waiting around for this trend to fizzle out either when this liquor store on East 8th mile was hit in March a truck went crashing through its front entrance and when they rebuilt they were sure to include four concrete barriers out front to make sure it never happens again and the police didn’t do nothing and storefronts seem to double as the last straw for frustrated owners who say police only show up when they’ve done something wrong when they want all the all the good things that Detroit Police and the mayor is good for as for them – some decoys for me to get a ticket for selling tobacco or alcohol – they’re minors they do every year the time they keep poking at stores same people it’s been like a 5 years nobody cuts him well Detroit police can’t say much on this because all these investigations are open but they do tell me they’re actively working to identify the men that are seen in all these tapes in all these robberies and also that they’re trying to protect the businesses in these areas

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