crochet blouse wine (with subtittles in several lenguage)

hello my name is esther and you are in esther’s channel and her crochet world let’s make this beautiful blouse It’s very easy to do the material and sizes I explain in the video my recommendation baby wool for crochet nº3mm but I explain in the video more or less 300 grams depending on the size you can attach these beads and it is very elegant subscribe and hit the bell to not miss any tutorial remember before starting any work view the entire video little more to tell you we started we start with grany 6 chains and close with 1 sliding point (we go up with 4 acdentas 3 double points high chains 1 low point) we repeat 4 times we finish (we give 4 chains and behind at the low point we make low point) we repeat 4 times we will work the following petals in the arches (inside the arch, 1 low point 4 chains 3 triple high points 1 high point catching the forehead 3 triple high points and 4 chains 1 low point) repeat 4 times in the last petal 8 triple high points (11 chains 1 low point 1 chain until the end of the petal) we will close with 1 slipped point and cut the thread I have joined them so as not to have to iron let’s join after the petals we join in the last lap 5 chains together with 1 low point and 5 chains in the petal we work to the center in the 4th low point we join the 5th high triple point in the center chain and I finish the petal we need a grany of 2 petals It is done the same but only 2 petals we started joining in the union we join the next petal we connect 5 chains in the corner to the center 5 chains and join in the other corner we finish the petal you can make the petals of one color and the last round of another color the way to unite the granys is like that we leave for the bocamanga the last grany joins the back to form the shoulder to get the size you have to measure and divide by 14 in this way you will know what size you need the grany if I get 90 centimeters divided between 14 and nis granys they have to measure 6.5 cm we are testing with wool that we have at home and different sizes of crochet until we find the measure that we need once the front part is attached, it looks like this we are going to give around the whole blouse a round of high points in the corner 5 increases, 3 increases above 3 decreases and 5 decreases on the back In the bocamangas we will make 5 points close together we start with 3 chains in the arches we will make 5 high points and in the petals 7 high points where the chains are in this first round in the corner 11 high points 1 marker in the sixth we repeat to the shape of the neck at this junction point 3 high points at the same point in the second point 1 marker in the next angle we make decreases we make 4 high points 1 unfinished point 1 unfinished point and another unfinished close together and 4 high points at the turn of the neck 3 high points 5 closed together and 3 high points in the second round we make point on point and in the markers what corresponds in the first 5 increases we go point by point until we reach the increases on the scoreboard 3 points at the same point in the next marker a decrease of 3 points let’s go to the next marker we will make 5 points closer together we review this decrease of 5 we also do in the corner of the bocamanga the last lap 1 chain 1 double high point in the 3rd point 3 chains 5 high points and 1 low point in the 3rd point this hole you can use as buttonhole for the buttons you can make the hole smaller we change to 1 high point I hope you liked it if so, please share on your social networks


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