Custom Wine Cellars Naples, Florida Bonita Springs Project

Tim: What was your main inspiration for the
whole styling and all the woodworking for this custom wine cellars Florida?
Jody: Well, we like Italy. We all like the Tuscan days and we rent a castle out in Napa.
It was an all stone castle. We saw a room and we liked it. We liked the atmosphere and
we thought we’d do something similar to that. Tim: It really comes across that.
Jody: It’s like a little dungeon. I call it my little man dungeon. I figured we could
fit about 2200 bottles in this custom wine cellars Florida.
Tim: You’ve got some really nice features in here, as well. So you just acquire these?
Jody: Just about everything we picked out we picked out when we go someplace. We’ve
got some French wines that I picked up from France. When we go to Napa we go to the wineries
and if we like it we join the wine club and room) where you can sit and enjoy the wine
and still feel it because of this whole big Tim: It’s very cool in here, you can feel
it. You’ve got a separate area (wine tasting buy different styles of wine. Our latest one
is Merlot. glass here.
Jody: This is the biggest piece of tempered glass we could find.
Tim: Dual paned and tempered? Jody: Yes. We centered the wine cellar cooling
unit in the middle so the whole thing can be cool at one end and stays pretty consistent
throughout. Tim: I think you’ve done a really tasteful
job in here. This wine barrel curvy effect is very unusual.
Jody: These are all recycled wine barrels. Everything’s recycled in here. For the green
people, I mean, you know, everything is recycled. It’s natural stone off the ground, racking
and wine barrel flooring from recycled oak wine barrels.
Tim: What really stands out to me is the coloring. They’re not all the same.
Jody: Some of these are from red wines and white wines. You’ll see this was from the
inside of a red wine barrel. You’ll see the straps. This is from the outside of the barrel.
If you look at the inside, they’re a different red because red wine was inside the barrel.
Tim: It has a beautifully aged, stylized look. The wine bottles are also stored the other
way around which is interesting as well.

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