Czech Republic: The Wine Spa in Prague

Now, what am I talking about? It’s the wine spa! It is not an actual wine. It’s mixed. It’s like a special oil, a grape, an orange, etc. Someone mixed all into one for the wine spa. Thus, it’s becoming “wine” spa. This smells way different than beer spa. In the beer spa, it definitely smells like a real beer. While the wine spa smells like a rose. My skin feels smooth! What? You look different, Justin. I’m feeling much younger now. You know Calvin’s last name? It’s Young. His last name is now given to me! Sorry, Calvin. There are countless benefits the wine spa has. It’s actually good for elders. The wine spa appeared in France. It was designed for old people. It helps old people with their skin and blood circulation. The most of the old people do have skin or blood circulation issue. There are some issues they have such as in struggling to sleep, some pains, etc. When they bathe themselves in the wine spa and it helps them to heal better. The benefits you get is similar to the beer spa’s benefits. It also makes your hair brighter. It applies to your skin. The longer you stay in the wine spa, the brighter your skin becomes. Off the point, I just had some peanuts. What a great combination. You can only relax in the wine spa for around 20 minutes. You cannot stay longer than that. Once we are done, then whats the next?! You see this stacks on the mattress, right? It’s called haystacks. Once I lay on this mattress… everything turns into nothing. Seriously, this feels really good. There are many ways to relax. This spa business offers two alternatives: beer and wine. You can take a shower or bath in either spa. Massage is also on the menu. In my opinion, it’s a perfect place to relax. The Czech Republic has a very strong beer culture. Involving with the beer spa is a proper way to be part of the beer culture here. It gives you the connection feeling. And you get to relax. It shows how much you appreciate your time in the Czech Republic. Overall, it’s a beautiful place to visit. Be sure to visit Prague, Czech Republic. Come over here whenever you can! Now, I am going to rest a bit!

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