Dead Kevin – How Not to Rob a Liquor Store

(happy music) – [Group Voiceover] Dead Kevin – You guys are just
a bunch of assholes, I put up with this
shit long enough. You haven’t paid
rent in four months You broke down your
own door ’cause you locked yourself out again. You stole a neighbors
dog, it had a collar! – We said sorry about that – This is the last straw,
get me the money by tomorrow or you’re evicted! – He said evicted. – What does that mean? – Kicked out of the house. – Ooh. – You don’t know
what evicted means? – I do now. – What are we gonna do? – Only one thing we can do. – I don’t like this. – It’s fine we’re gonna be fine. – Are we really
doing this right now? – Yes we’re really
doing this right now, we don’t have a choice, alright? – Alright. – Okay? You bring your masks? – [Man In Gray Jacket] Yeah
– [Blonde man] Yeah – [Guy With Curly
Hair] Let’s do this. What are you wearing? What the? What is this? – You said panties. – I said, Jack pantyhose. – What is the difference
between panties and pantyhose? – Pantyhose- – Those are fishnets, you
can see your whole face. – This is perfect – Who gives a shit,
no one recognizes us. – Okay, we’re fine
– Are we doing this? we’re fine, okay yes, let’s go! Are you ready? – What is that, what are
you gonna do with that? – I’m just gonna hit
some stuff around. – We should just
give ’em a note. Give them a note
– This is our time. We’re not gonna give any note,
this is our time, let’s go Are we in? – Alright
– Okay – [Fishnet] One, – [Everyone] Two, Three! – No we can’t do
this, this is not us – This is ridiculous, we’re so stupid.
– What are we doing man? – What are we doing? – We’re gonna go to
jail if we do this. – For what, for what? For money? – That was close
– That was shit – We’re gonna be fine – That was close.
– We’re gonna be fine. – It’s gonna work out,
it always works out – Let’s just, let’s go
– we’re gonna be fine back home, it’s gonna be fine – We’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna be fine! – Wow. – (Yelling) Shoes are the
most important accessory of the homeless lifestyle! This is day one stuff, boys! (mumbling)
– Okay sir, – What is your problem? You don’t fucking work hard! You aint’ out gettin’
change with your instrument where’s your sign?
– Okay can you just- Where’s your funny story?
– Just give us- Where’s your hook gone?
– Just one minute- – You ain’t got nothing! – Why are you getting so angry? – You know what’s going on! Where’s my damn rainbow? – I don’t know what that- – Look at you, you
too damn pretty, should be a prostitute! Hold on a second. (normal volume) Hello? Oh hi mom, I am in the middle
of something right now. (yelling) Shut up while
I’m talking on the phone! – Sir we weren’t- – What you doing
with that red bowl? Give me that bowl, give
me that God damn bowl it’s my bowl now.
– Hey- I like chips. – [White Tank] But
if we could just. – [Flannel] Okay. – Apparently you didn’t
like and subscribe enough. – Is this the end of Dead Kevin? – Subscribe to our
YouTube page and find out. And leave a comment about
an interaction you’ve had with a homeless person recently. – Hey there’s a pigeon in here – Don’t eat it – Sweet
– Don’t eat it.

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