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Andy’s fishing hi everyone its Andy here
I’m out in the water with Andrew today How you going mate. We’re in Andrews boat and I’m
gonna show you how to catch one of these and one of these and we’re going to get
to catch some Barramundi as well so we’ve already had a really good day and then
later on I’m going to cook one of these mud crabs up for dinner
the first thing I’m gonna do is drop the crab pots in we’ve got four each alright the Pots are in the water let’s
see we can get some barramundi oh is it cod or bream, cod been here 20
minutes this is a black spot cod apparently Andy thinks that’s my
speciality I’m gonna make it Barramundi later on
barramundi alright I’ll see ya buddy one up Andrew you gotta call that one i yeah
oh I’ll go see lucky cod but I’ll caught a fish. yep no that’s Berra
little Barramundi just lift him up and earn any these iron fish nicely done yeah
nice little fish what is he he’s about 45 all right I’ll see yet shower salut
you got in my injury yep nice little weedless prawn yeah yeah my Cod counts
the same as your Barra, um your bara I need I need to catch a barramundi need to
redeem myself down the early day in the general scheme of things a black spot
cod not the same as it there where did you get that fish, up here? yeah let’s
see if I can pull his brother out I’ve seen one of my videos instead of
putting an octopus I’ll put coctapus and so I’m playing it out of like okay
my mistake Oh what do we got
oh he’s not fighting like a Barramundi oh oh no nice para he’s undersized but not by
much I think oh you hit something there okay get the net I don’t wanna stick
my hands in that crocodile water and I hopefully will show you some some Crocs
later on thank you Andrew ah beautiful yeah and you just had a had
a hit on that same log and I just pulled this fish out. Look at the colors on
him look Andrew it’s the coldest day of the year and we’re catching Barramundi it
was like four degrees in Proserpine last night all right let’s have a look at
Long is on anything he’s legal just have a quick look 55 centimeters not very far
off hey let you go buddy so that was
pretty cool and remain missing are you missing a fishing there me catching it
well that was very good, he’s very quiet any good oh don’t take it so personally
Andrew sure you can believe it it happened you saw it so what I’m using is
a samaki boom bait with a 4/0 weedless hook and a couple of little size I think
one or two split shots that’s all it is and it works
Oh what was it touch I’m sorry in there – a little bream or something very dark
right where you are now we got to get one in the back there Andrew actually
I’m like getting it look at that beautiful look at all it’s nice
timber you got in this team this team Hey
yeah I almost lost your plastic oh that’s not a mine it was so salmon or
something you got him he said he’d go back for
another hit that looks all right Andrew yeah yeah what line
don’t say huge okay but you call that you had a hit and then you hooked him
Got him, there we go these around the 50 odd
again sigh maybe same as mine there we go he is yeah 55 again very nice Andrew
yeah that’ll be two one two all I’m counting the cod, yeah off you go no no
you know much heavier timber not not on this single sticks out yeah so far today
they’re all in this really heavy cover we haven’t got one fish off like a
single stick or anything and the reason for that is because this river is full
of crocodiles let’s go have a look for some Crocs Andrew I’m just trying to find a couple of
Crocs along here yeah let’s have a look I can’t see who this well we’ll get the
drone up and have a look I’m calling for about a three meter
maybe a bit more Do you recon that’s one on me how this all
about really really far I’ve up the little one yeah I reckon it is a little
tiny one crocodile I want to get over there plenty jelly prawns yep oh oh I’ve been
peppering that snag for I don’t know ten minutes now and you still trying to
claim this one uh Barramundi little fella I’m gonna stop keeping score Andrew we’re
just we’re just going fish for fish sir that’s all good
maybe gonna ask for any little Barramundi oh and look at the beautiful weather we’ve
got it’s just amazing middle of winter cold nights but beautiful days Hey
he’s only about 45 again all right off you go little buddy see ya but hey
persistence paid off on that don’t call me names well I have a rest from
catching on my fish I’m just gonna shows I’m using a temple fork outfitters rod is a
great little rod there a three piece great for traveling and yeah really nice
good replacement warranty actually battle two 4,000 reel and yeah 30 pound
braid 30 pound leader so yeah check out the Amazon shop I’ve got all the stuff
they’re actually listed the stuff I’m using so check it out and have a look mmm let’s see how much here for a second
you show me where they are and I’ll just keep catching them oh that was on the
drop go in there Andrew I just showed you where fishies there you go right
there yeah Oh Andrew shows me his fish and I
show you my fish nice Cod Andrew yep beautiful he hit me like two seconds ago
and then Andrew next cast bang got him. hey guy nice little black spot Cod Andrew
let’s check out the Oh eyes on that sucker noise all right off you go
he’s good so the size limit for those guys is 38 centimeters and he was
definitely under all right my first pot let’s have a look that is the first one we got oh that could be a male a male in
a crab well I think we’ve got some crab he’s big big enough yeah that’s a big
crab oh what a nice crabs gotta be 15 centimeters point-to-point and he is a
bear that’s centimeter a half’s a 16 and a half let’s have a feel under here, yep
he’s a full crab look at that crab and caught in the same crab pot whoa didn’t
get ya beautiful the crab dance that’s from your kids in it oh so happy I’m
gonna cook you out later I feels really full – like real solid crabbing yeah beautiful place or all that one mild
mud crab that’s a male, pointy bit instead of a big round bit and you can
tell by big nippers and to make sure they’re full you push it under here and
that is rock-solid sometimes I’ve got brown marks here he’s got a little bit
of a mouth but that there’s a definite way and he’s he’s solid out so all right
what number two what do you reckon another one Andrew yeah that would be
good oh yeah night that’s females well I
think three females oh that’s a little male but he’s definitely undersized is a
female here I’ll just hopefully show that the underside so yeah that’s the
the belly flap and they have their eggs under here so that’s that’s a definitely
female males like that so yeah nice nice big mud crab
but yeah female in Australia Queensland gotta let him go
so yeah alright that’s a little male difinitely undersized so off you go
tall do you think I am Andrew I am taller than you what have we got Oh more
fish oh look at the size of that mud crab that is a big mud crab we have one
female to female three female and a small male and a big male that is a
monster male look at that oh and I am estuary Cod how
good is mud crabbing Andrew? Oh finally got my mud crabs I’m just terrible at my
crabbing and what am I looking for camera check these guys out here look at
that chicken works mutt crabs plenty well let’s some will get rid of
these guys will get them out cuz they’re all fighting each other but that’s one
two three four five mud crabs that is cool he’s coming out first I reckon the other one was bigger but
almost the same size same size but I think this claw here is a little bit
smaller so he’s again he’s like 16 and a half beautiful look at the size of that
claw there’s a monster claw how close you reckon and I get a bit closer let’s
tie this guy up as well so you guys probably don’t know this but there’s two
types of mud crab ones a brown one and ones a green one you know I’ll have to
look at where they were they wear their ranges we definitely get the brown ones
here I think Western Australia gets green ones as well and you’ve got to do
this really tight if it’s not tight they can squeeze it out of it and you’re for
and we’ve got just a bit of ice under the floor here say tie them up put them
on ice and they just chill out and relax straightaway so we’re just gonna tip the
rest of these that’s definitely a little male doesn’t really matter they’re all
either undersized or female so just jump straight back in the water
any game how good is that alright last of Andy’s pots I’ve already
got two crabs so I’m happy I’m over the moon thank you to be honest I’m not a
good crab it but today I am a great crab ah
this feels heavy actually yep undersized undersized well that could be it that’s
another mile there another big male we’re killing it and loving it okay
let’s see if we can drop the theme out there small ones in the mail maybe a guy
and yeah miles coming come on man come on mr. Male, little ones going thank you
guys and this one it’s good easily flipper
caught let me help you out there little buddy
and then I can eat yet okay we got this is interesting this guy is this side
nippers bigger the last one this side nip it was bigger wonderful right now no
one’s left-handed so measurement and he is these are smallest but only by half a
centimeter so he’s 16 centimeters as well in case you don’t get any Andrew
would you like to eat my grub you can tell I’m having a good day today I’m
having a very good day today all right getting Andrews first pot hopefully you
gets a couple as well although not necessary yeah I want to Andrew pull it
up feels empty there’s gonna be crabs in there come on
be the crabs baby crab what do we got Oh looks pretty
empty you got actually nothing was it
what no looks like I’m gonna have to donate some crabs to Andrew, oh no
anything he’s got nothing so either mullet doesn’t work we got the wrong
side on your side I’m pretty sure when we started the day I said whatever we
catch we keep we don’t share I actually said that we just share the crabs I’m
just giving a dry hard time cuz he hasn’t fought number three for Andrew
I’m gonna keep it subdued because it’s not doing so well for him if I get
excited how does it feel Andrew oh doesn’t sound
good so we’re not sure if it’s the lack of chicken in the pots or the location
what have we got absolutely nothing all right Andrew’s last pot looks like
Andy’s gonna get a crab list today tell you I’ll let you lick my Bowl when I
finished eating my wine and garlic crabs how’s that there you go
and you a lot of gray hair popping out there – Andrew just noticed he’s got
one little crab let’s have a look at him it looks like a female a little female
crab for Andrew yeah that’s a Fame up oh well better luck next time well there
you go for the first time in my life I’ve got some nice mud crabs so we’re
gonna head back Andrews probably got got to go and do
something else but I’m gonna go cook that crab up hopefully on a nice beach
somewhere so yeah stick around for that I’ve got a
really nice recipe for that crab I’m sure he’d like it crab
good day it’s amazing everyone we’re at my friend’s beach bar
Bish’s bar it’s a really cool little spot and I’ve set up my kitchen a little
bit already there’s some wine I think this calls for a little wine I’m
actually gonna use this white wine to cook with later on cheers to everybody this
recipe is gonna be mud crab in white wine with garlic and a lot of butter but
I’ve cooked this many times before it the first time I made a video it is
delicious so you can’t get a better looking spot than this fish is a really
good friend and hopefully I can share some of this with him later on he’s he’s
still a bit of work at the moment big time
let’s get into cooking so the mud crab has been on ice and they go lethargic
first and then if you leave them on there too long they die in this I’ll
show you guys how to process a mud crab like this you get the belly flap pull it
back like that turn em over two fingers there from there two fingers there from
there and push there we go that’s his Brain and
head removed and then we pull out the gills I’ll just show you these they’re
the gills on crabs are actually really toxic so whatever you do don’t eat those
and then we want to get him and break him in the middle so we just push them
together that’s it and then push him apart there we go two halves of crab
that’s stuff there that’s actually part of his digestive system some people say
oh it’s really delicious and it’s it’s good for you but it’s actually not that
good for you might taste alright but I’m gonna get rid of it and that usually
gets rid of almost all of it I’ll just put him on the bench here for
now so here’s all the ingredients we need we’ve got each lots or spring
onions or scallions whatever you wanna call them garlic, butter, mud crab and
wine that’s it that’s all I’m gonna use you know my little snow-peak chopping
board from drifter really nice little setup this extremely sharp knife good
quality actually yeah yeah now I use it it’s cooking with this is a pleasure and
I’ve got a set of pots here these are from drifter as well sold by drifter say
yeah a nice nonstick frying pan and I hope the guys at drifter watching
this because I’ve managed to this the lid I’ve managed to put the dining set
which is I think it’s two plates two bowls a lot of stuff in there more than
what I just said inside the cooking set you know I haven’t haven’t shown you
guys this properly yet and I probably won’t go right into it all the details
but there’s a number of pots there’s that this is a rice cooker a really nice
rice cooker so yes which pot up we’re gonna use we use that small stainless
one here alright now the first thing I do is get some butter on the heat so we
use almost a third of a stick of butter not quite a third
I’m try and get that heat as low as we can just just for the start here but a
nicely melted and this I mean this is such a simple recipe there’s only like I
think it’s five ingredients and it’s so delicious chopped garlic that’s the next
thing to go in four cloves of garlic I just can’t get over how nice today is it
is just such a great day and guys it’s actually my birthday so happy birthday
to me thought that butter is going a little bit Brown that this whole meal
should take more no more than 20 minutes if it takes more than 20 minutes you’re
cooking the crab way too long just a nice rough chop on these and that Sun is
going down fast okay so my butter got a little bit Brown
but that’s okay nice bit of brown butters good nice a bit of flavor like
is what we don’t want to see yeah just let that go for a couple of minutes
while the garlic’s reducing I’m just gonna get my sturdy knife and this is
this is one of the secrets to garlic and white wine mudcrab is to crack oh look
at that meat ah that is shock is full of meat to crack each of these big sections
there we go doesn’t need to be any sort of finesse what that does is it lets the
flavor go into the meat the all those complex fire flavors from the wine the
garlic and the butter now if you guys haven’t tried this you’ve got to try
this this is such a simple quick and delicious recipe so you have a little
drink first mmm before we put the mud crab in we need to
create some steam so we’ll turn the heat up there and pour a nice
quantity of wine in there I’m gonna say that’s half a cup half a cup of wine you
need to get that to the boil as soon as that starts boiling like the crab in ten
minutes and then we’ll finish it off there we go
that didn’t take long at all or a nice big boil and get that crab in there all
right I couldn’t get them in the little pot so we’re just gonna use the big pot
there we go now just because it’s more surface area
we’re just gonna a little bit more wine so one in this case is flavor all the
alcohol will be burnt off because alcohol has a fairly low boiling
temperature it’s lower than water so Hank should get a lid on that here we go
so just turn that down a little bit all we need is steam to be coming out of
here and well you can smell that aromatic wine I’ve got a very fruity
wine in there let’s let’s have a look what what this is actually is your
lumbar sauvignon Blanc 2017 I hear that’s an amazing year from South Australia I
have no idea about wine so we’ll get our um we’ll get two spring onions sure lots
you lots scallions whatever you want to call them I’m sure they’re all the same
thing and we’re gonna try and cut those we
don’t want to put these in just yet ah so there’s not much else to do but wait
and have a nice little wine mmm so nice and we’ve got a dinner guests already
you’re a bit early mr. seagull hey steven seagull ah mine mine although movie
cliches I only had like two sips of wine yeah you get that mmm let’s have a look
what’s in this Dinner set while the crab’s finishing cooking should I should do more of these you
know check out what I’ve got sort of gear reviews is two plates just a
little bit of wear mark I bet they’ve been in my four wheell drive but they will
polish out so two plates we’re gonna put those two little bowls all nice really
nice stainless steel two big bowls and then to even bigger bowls so that’s
that’s good is like yeah eight items in it and I’ve got my really nice titanium
Snow Peak cutlery all this stuff that I’m using you can you can get from
drifter there they do online definitely around Australia and I think around the
world even so yeah really light good for camping never corrode so yeah we’ll play
it up so that’s about halfway through cooking is still steam coming out so
that’s good but what we want to do is grab a towel and just give that a good
shake around so that we coat all the crab like halfway through cooking so
there we go that’s five minutes in and we’ll just wait another five minutes and
then that will be good I’ve got to have a peak I’ve got to have a little peek oh
it’s looking great ah yep yep that is gonna be delicious
crab I had to add some rice left over from from dinner the other night so
whack a few sure lots oh yeah and I think the crab should be finished
now delicious cooked mud crab there’s one claw you’re not gonna fit on the plate what is the second claw look at that meal for a king
mmm that is just yummy okay go get some of that that nice butter sauce on there
as well look at that put that all over the rice around the rice in the sauce I
did tell my friend Ian that I was going to cooking him some dinner so go back to
the house but first I’ve got to try this I must try this oh look at that that is
just delicious looking me mmm it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten
Oh garlic and white wine crab mmm it is so rich I’m so delicious mmm it’s
there’s no wine flavor if you don’t like wine it’s just the flavors that come out
at the wine so it doesn’t taste like once there’s no alcohol in mmm get some
more sauce and those little spring onions the shallots or a shallot so
we’re gonna call they just give a nice little fresh zing mm-hmm all that sauces
nice how good is mud crab in North Queensland at sunset mmm
happy birthday to me look at it look at it this is beautiful
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