Design Commercial Wine Racks | Wine Stores Increase Revenues

Bistro de la Reine is a wine store that decided
to use our services for their commercial wine racks. They decided to use both custom and
kit racking for their wine store. We have racking all the way around the perimeter
of the store, as well as a custom cash wrap. We also have commercial double reveal aisle
kit wine racks in this area and up here, and commercial aisle rounds.
Elevation A combines both combination kit and custom racking. You have kit racking in
the one column rows, as well as diamond cube lattice bins and rectangular lattice bins
on the bottom. These have display shelves to display the bottles that are stored behind.
Each of the racks, you’ll notice, has a 4-inch toe-kick and base molding. The shorter commercial
wine racks that are the 77 5/8 high have a 2 3/4 inch crown molding.
We will go on to elevation B. Again, we are using kit wine racks and custom racking. Most
of this is kit racking with two rows on each side and one in the center for split or dessert
wines. Your 750s are in the center, a tabletop, and a glass rack.
Elevation D is custom shelving. It is a custom cabinet and adjustable shelf. We have cabinets
down below with doors and adjustable shelf inside. This cabinet is 15″ deep.
Elevation D and elevation E are exactly the same except for the width of the cabinet.
This goes behind the cash wrap in the room. Elevation F are the commercial double aisle
reveal kit wine racks. They have display rows on tops and bottles stored all the way down
below. We then have the commercial aisle rounds, which are in the center of the room. This
area is a custom area with lockers above and three magnum display rows down below.
This is a commercial retail stacker three-column that is along one of the walls. We have a
commercial retail stacker five-column, and the corner curved corner with display rack
that goes alongside the commercial stackers. This wall has stackable case storage. The
case storage has individual bottles in between. We have a two-column commercial stacker on
the right, as well as shelving that is attached to the walls that can be moved around. This
is your cash wrap. The backside of the cash wrap is shown with adjustable shelves on either
side, a cabinet, and two drawers. We have incorporated the use of real wine
barrels, cutting them in half for the ends of the cash wrap and also right along the
end of the front. Here we have a commercial retail stacker three-column.
You see your overhead view in 3D, the one side wall, the back of the cash wrap and the
cash wrap its self. We also used reclaimed wine barrel tabletop on the cash wrap.
Here is the rest of the wine room in 3D, the lockers and the magnums. I do want to get
to some photographs of the completed cellar, so I’m skipping through this as quickly as
I can. Here is your completed cellar. We’re showing
parts of the cellar. These are your display with the corner. We have the commercial wine
racks – commercial aisles, the commercial rounds, the cash wrap, and a few more pictures
here including the lockers with the magnum bottles.
Hope you enjoyed what you saw, the design, and the racking done in premium redwood with
rustic stain and lacquer.

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