Dirty Ho (1979) – Wine Tasting

Thank you for treating me to wine tasting here. You’re very welcome. I heard that you’re a wine-tasting expert, since you’ve traveled all the way here from Beijing, I’m honored that, you’ve accepted my invitation. The pleasure is mine. Come let’s drink another glass. Sure. Refill. Yes. Master. Student… You really lack etiquette! Come and stand by your master. You really think I take your for my master? I’m only here because of this… Isn’t that enough? Come here and greet Mr. Fan That’s fine, just let him sit there and listen to the tunes. Master Wang, let’s have another drink. Good idea. Cheers. Cheers. So smooth. Master Wang, the wine isn’t good enough. Xialou. Here. Do we have something special for the guest? Yes, nine different old wines. What’s the first one? Celestial tortoise and deer wine. That’s a strange name. Master Wang, want to try? Sure. Please. Please. Please sit. Please. Here’s the wine. Very special. Please. Is this how I drink it? Not like that, like this. It’s not fun to drink alone, let me drink to you. You are very kind. Xialou, bring the wine. Master Wang, please. What do you think of this wine? Mellow taste, smells good, good wine. Another one. Yes. Mr. Fan, this is the first one, what’s the second? Five Dragons Two Tigers wine. Dragon and tiger, must be very strong. That’s right. Please. Very fragrant. Thank you. The taste is infinite. Please have some more. Dragon rising, Tiger leaping. This doesn’t seem like a Guangdong wine. You know a lot about wines. We have plenty more. Let’s go over there. What’s the name of this, Mr. Fan? The famous Three Snakes Wine of Guangdong. Which three types of snakes? The galls of cobras, striped kraits, spotted vipers This wine is especially for impotent problem. He knows a lot. You’re from Beijing? This fan weighs three taels. Good guess. Then… Shut up, don’t interrupt. We’re tasting wine here, go play outside. I’m off then. Watch your head. Got it, I’ll wait for you outside. Please. This mix of the taste is different. Please. Please. Master Wang, you’re quite a drinker. Five Chickens White Phoenix Wine. Yes. Please. Very unique pair of cup. Don’t go. Fox bone and papaya wine. Fox bone and papaya wine? Please. Alright. Still even drinking when so drunk. My so-called master, could we go now? Student, once you get to taste some good wines, you should try to locate its source. What’s to find out? It’s all from Guangdong. You’re not from Beijing, what do you know? Just a second. Wait…what’s the big deal even if it’s from Beijing? So arrogant. This is monkey… Monkey embryo deerhorn wine. I think we should wrap up today, Mr Fong. All your wines are from Beijing, right? Sit. So you’ve arranged everything. That’s right, until you drop. Whose idea is this anyway? It’s my idea, you don’t need to know the rest. I have a few more, do you want to try? I might not be the one who’s drunk. Xialou. He’s drunk. And you’re getting there. Mr. Fan, you’re really drunk. Stop drinking. Thanks for treating me to so much Guangdong wine. We’ll drink again another time, goodbye. I’ll walk myself out, Mr. Fan. Don’t push… Let’s go, Master. They… They’re drunk. And you? A little. Hey, you take care of them. Yes, Master Wang. Let’s go, student.

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