Discovering a Great Tool for Wine Lovers: The Coravin

Bueno sera. I’m Rick Steves. I’m in Italy in Lake Como. I’ve just met Andrea. Ciao, Andrea. Andrea: Ciao. Rick: Andrea runs a wonderful little enoteca. It’s called Aperitivo Et Al. There’s lots of wine bars in Italy because
wine is a very important part of the culture. Andrea has– how many bottles that you can
serve by the glass? Andrea: More than 50. Rick: More than 50. And I asked Andrea, how can you have 50 bottles
of fine wine open? He said, “Coravin.” A Coravin is a new way where you can take
fine bottles like, what is this? This is…? Andrea: These is already open. Rick: This is a beautiful–
Andrea: Amarone. Rick: Amarone. An Amarone is quite expensive. Andrea is going to make me a little glass
of Amarone. Andrea: It’s a needle. Rick: So, you stuck a needle through the cork. That’s bringing out the wine. That’s good enough because I’m working, Andrea. So you can say “basta,” and then you pull
it out. And the cork is magically closed. No oxygen, no problem. Andrea: The wine is perfect. Rick: And I get to drink it. Oh, God. That is good. Amarone. Andrea: Very good. Rick: And this is called a Coravin. Andrea: Coravin. Rick: With a Coravin, that’s one souvenir
I’m going to take home, you can open a fine bottle of wine and not have to drink it right
away. Salute. Andrea: Grazie. This is the top selection. Rick: This is just — this is just — If
you like wine and if you like Italy, you’re in the right place. Ciao. There’s Brunello, just don’t tease me.


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