DIY Decoupage Wine Bottle With Rhinestones Decor { 3 Of 5 } (HD)

Welcome back to DIY
No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Decoupage wine bottle What i used, all items are listed in the
description box. I first took all my wine bottles and
soak them in my tub with hot water and dish soap until the labels detached. I scraped off whatever was left using
more dish soap a scrub pad and or a utility knife. Place them in the sink
upside down to dry. This is the tissue i will be using. I had
already cut the white part off of it. I will be using the strips for the
striping part. Wetting your fingertips, separate the plies of paper do this to
all the pieces. Put Mod Podge on the bottle where you will be placing the tissue. Place the strip and then place more Mod Podge over it. try getting as little glue past the
tissue as possible, while making sure to cover it well. You don’t want the edges
lifting. Once it is dry, take a utility knife
and cut off the excess glue. Don’t cut on the tissue, just the bottle
and make sure it cut all the way through before peeling it or it will lift the
tissue. Using white acrylic paint and a round
sponge brush, paint a stripe the width of the tissue. Use the tissue as a guide. Just
make sure it doesn’t touch the wet paint. Once that’s dry, glue the next piece the same way you did
the first. Let it dry, cut off any excess glue and continue to do this all the way
up the bottle. Cut a design from the tissue and then
remove the plies. Using it as a guide, paint the bottle
white where you will be placing it. Let it dry. Once that’s dry, glue it on the same way
you did the rest. Then let that dry. Take a strip and glue it to the neck of
the bottle and let that dry. There’s a lot of drying in between each
step, so just use a fan to speed up the process. Using a utility knife, clean up around
the top piece and try taking off as much as you can without ripping it. Once the neck is dry, cut off the glue,
again being careful not to touch the tissue. Using black acrylic paint and
a round sponge brush, paint the rest of the bottle. Using a thin paint brush
around the tissue. Then let that dry. Now using the black acrylic paint, paint a
thin line all the way around where the strips of tissue meet. Do this to all the
strips. Then let that dry. Once that dries, give the whole bottle
coat of Mod Podge and when that’s dry seal it with a Triple Thick Glaze. Lastly, using Mod Podge, glue some
rhinestones and you’re done. I hope you enjoyed that DIY because i really am enjoying making these bottles. I love how there coming out and I can’t
wait to finish this set. I’m making two of each bottle and when
I’m done making them, I’m gonna be placing them on top of the cabinets so in the video of the last bottle that I make. I’ll show you all of them all together and how I place them, so you can get a good look at that okay. Also, I try to make the video as short as
possible but the problem is. If i make it too short, then I can’t explain how I
make the bottles and I know about you but as a DIY’er, when i watch somebody
else make a video, i want as much information as possible so that when i
will try i make it correctly. So i apologize if it’s still too long but I cut out so much of it and it still came out long. So sorry guys but I rather have all the
info in it then not put enough info in it. Still trying to get use to this camera,
because of my goodness, it is nerve-racking speaking into it. So yeah, if you like this video don’t
forget to hit that like button. If you’re new to my channel don’t forget to hit
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future videos. Thanks for watching and remember do it yourself, there’s no need to cry.


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