DIY Football Fan Decoupage Wine Bottle (HD)

Welcome Back to DIY No Need To Cry With Ivelisse DIY Sports Fan Decoupage Wine Bottle All the materials I used for this DIY are
listed in the description box below Using white acrylic paint and a pouncer brush.. I painted the whole bottle twice. Letting it dry between each coat. Once it’s fully dried, using a paint brush
and acrylic paint in the color Thicket.. I painted a stripe around the bottom of the
bottle. Try to keep the thickness consistent, around
the whole bottle as much as you can but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect as you will see
me overlap it to make it even, using the next color. Once your done, set that aside to dry. Using the color School Bus Yellow, I started
the second strip. What I’m creating is the strip pattern on
the team jerseys. With this color I can go over any spots of
the green that was to thick and make the strip even. Once you are done continue up the bottle until
you have achieved this pattern. I went over it several times and touched up
an spots until I was stratified. I then touched up the final yellow strip using
white acrylic paint and a pouncer brush. You can use a brush if you like. Then let that dry. While that dried I prepared the piece of fabric
that I was going to decoupage onto the bottle. I cut up a pair of mens athletic mesh shorts. Using a pouncer brush and that same green
paint I used for the strips.. I painted the fabric on both sides. Remember that the paint will bleed through
the fabric, so make sure to put something under the fabric before painting and your
hand will get paint all over them so you might want to wear a pair of plastic gloves for
this part as well. Using binder clips.. I clipped the wet fabric onto a hanger and
hung it up to dry. Once it was dry, I measure the piece I wanted
and cut it out. Now it was time to decoupage the fabric onto
the bottle. Using a clean brush and Mod Podge glue, I
placed glue on the bottle and placed the fabric on top. going around the whole bottle until the whole
piece was glued down. I then gave it a top layer of Mod Podge. Let that dry. Using a pouncer brush and the same green acrylic
paint, I painted the top of the bottle until I reached the neck. Be careful and try not to get any paint on
the fabric. It’s the same color but it will still be noticeable
if you do and set that aside to dry. Then I created the same patten to the neck
as I did the bottom of the bottle. Except I painted the very rim of it with the
green. While that dried, I prepared the napkin I
was going to decoupage onto the front. I cut out the design I wanted, separated the
plies of paper but with this bottle I kept both pieces. You will need both pieces because I needed
to add a white base before decoupaging the napkin.. so I decoupaged the plan white one
onto the bottle first… to then use it as a guide… to know where to paint white. Using Mod Podge and a brush I decoupaged the
white piece onto the bottle. Let that dry. I then painted over that with white acrylic
paint and a sponge brush. Making sure to stay within the line but getting
as close as I could. Let that dry. Now taking the printed piece of napkin, lining
it up as best as I could, I decoupaged it on top of that. When that was all dry I placed the name using
sticker letters and the number on the the back of the bottle. This bottle was request by my father for my
brother. He is a big green bay packers fan. he also played sports and his player number was 4 Once I had arranged them the way I liked.. I sealed them with a coat of Mod Podge. Let that dry. I then coated the whole bottle in Mod Podge
and let that dry. I then took the NFL official sticker off the napkin
packaging and glued it the the neck of the bottle on the back. Finally I sprayed the whole bottle with a
coat of Rust-Oleum Triple Thick Glaze. Let that dry. and now you have a piece that any sports fan will love I love how this bottle came out! This was a tricky one to figure out but I
worked it out and now all you have to do is follow my steps. Remember you can do this with any team you
like. This would make a great center piece for a
super bowl party or a gift for that family member who is a die hard fan. It would also make a great piece for a home
bar and lets not forget how amazing this would look in a man cave! Thanks for watching! If you have any questions, please feel free
to ask me in the comment section below and if this is your first time watching, I hope
you consider subscribing to get updates on future video’s and remember.. do it yourself,
there’s no need to cry! If you want to see how I made the wine stopper
for this bottle.. the link to that video is in the description box below.

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