DIY Wine & Beer Rack

I love to engulge in the occasional alcoholic
beverage. You know, Sunday night football games or maybe world series game 5s in which
a certain royal blue colored team plays and win. Whatever the occasion my wife has these
crystal wine glasses that I thought would look pretty nice being displayed along side
my Kansas City Chiefs beer glasses. Yep, no accounting for taste I says.
The first thing I have done which I’m not going to waste time showcasing in this video
is I’ve spent a previous day edge gluing boards, planning and jointing. If you wanna know how
I joint boards you can click right up in the corner. I’ll walk ya through it.
That leaves me here on the miter saw to cut all my pieces to length. A complete list of
cuts and materials will be available on my website at simply easy diy dot com. So if
you leave a comment saying, the cut list is nowhere to be found, dude. We are all gonna
laugh at you cause you forwarded through this part of the video.
Also you didn’t bother checking the description. Cause the link will be down there as well.
What is it with people not checking the description of videos. You know it’s there.
After that is all said and done. I’ll take those two pieces over to the drill press.
A one inch forstner bit gives me the cut out for the neck of a wine bottle. I’m not just
eyeballin this. I did mark this because I do want this centered on the piece. That placement
will be on the website as well. Alright lets start assembling the shelves.
For now it is just glue and clamps. AfterI have everything the way I want it. I’ll
drill some dowels. Flush cut with a pull saw. Now I can glue and clamp the sides to one of the shelves. The center will be a shared
piece so I’ll take this one side at a time. I’m only going to be displaying two wine bottles
on my rack. I’d like to display some vintage beer bottles on the other side if I can find
them so I didn’t bother drilling the half circle cut out on the mating shelf but I could’ve
if I wanted. Once those are dry I’ll sand them down a little bit. Then take them over to my vise, clamp em down. Add more dowels. Let’s mark out for the wine glasses. My wife doesn’t know I took these out to my shop.
She’d probably shoot me if she did but I don’t see how she’d ever find out anyway. Yep, I’m
smarter than the average husband. This is a 5/8th or 3/4 inch forstner. I forget
which one but either would probably work. I wanna mark a slight angle for the cut out
lines so I’ll use my angle finder just to keep everything symmetrical. Clamp it down and have at it with a pull saw. Check to see it that’s going to work. Good
to go. Sand it down. Now I can attach those pieces
to the shelf assemblies. Again, glue, clamps and dowels. Been there done that.
The base piece is a simple glue up using 1×4 boards. You could use ply if that’s what you
got or so desire. Doing it like this I always make the glue up longer and wider than I’ll
eventually need. Generally the ends will not be flush unless I get lucky which I’m not.
All I have to do now is trim up one of the ends with a straight edge and a circular saw.
Now I can run the end along the fence on my table saw to square up the other end. Flip
it ninety degrees. Readjust the fence and trim to the width.
I took probably a good hour or two sanding everything down and I won’t bore you with
that. The edges I took off by hand. Just enough
to make them easier on the touch. Spread some glue. I’m being careful with my
initial position of these shelves that way I don’t have to move it around to much. That
way I don’t have to deal with glue in places that I don’t want it. Time for the good stuff. Fire. Ok, I’m showing my age.
This is an ancient Japanese preservation technique called Shou Sugi Ban. I’m not actually going
to go into details here but if you wanna know more about this technique I’ll have a write
up on it over on my website, simply easy diy dot com. Check the description. I’ll link
ya to it. I’ll also have a couple other good quality videos that will show you how this
is traditionally done in japan and talk a little bit about the benefits. From here I’ll
take it back to my workstation and sand off some of the char. It also helps even out some
of the color as well. After a couple coats of wood sealer I used a key hole bit to route
a couple mounting spots for some drywall hangers. Now she is ready to adorn the dinning room
with grace and style. Don’t forget to find me on Facebook and Pinterest. Since you made
it this far don’t forget to drop me a like or a dislike as well. Subscribe so you never
miss a new project video whenever they’re ready to go. Until then.

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