Don’t Panic: Drink Or Drown For $50K 😳 Fear Factor

– Now, it is time to face your fear. This is Heads Up. Here’s how it’s gonna go down. Teammates will put their
heads inside this box. When the clock starts, water
will start to fill this box. (water gushing) It is your job to drink this water before it covers your nose and your mouth to where you cannot breathe. – Oh man. – [Announcer] The clock will
stop when one of you taps out, and drains the water out of the box. Team with the shortest time lose their shot at winning $50,000. Up next, Daniel and Aquel. – Money, money, money. Our strategy is to drink
water periodically, just take a few sips, breathe, burp, take a few sips, breathe, burp. It’s Daniel, oh yes, that’s
a beautiful baby boy. – Are we ready? – Let’s go. – Three, two, – Let’s go, I gotchu. – I gotchu. – One, go! – Money, money, money. (water drowns out speaker) – No where to go but down,
the water is coming for you. You may not have to
worry about your phone, but you still gotta worry about the water. – It’s rising because they
haven’t been drinking that much. – We were drinking like crazy. – I was choking down as much water as I could at the beginning. I think that was the most important thing. (water gushing) – You okay? (water drowns out speaker) – Imma drink right now. – [Aquel] Like taking a bath. – Watching the other contestants was so much anxiousness and anticipation. I was just kinda, like, scared. – Minute and a half, it’s coming for you. – I ain’t drinking no more. – [Daniel] The higher the water rose, definitely made me more nervous, because I couldn’t drink anymore
water, I was more focused on, “When am I gonna take my last breath?” – 2:15, y’all gotta long time to beat. – They’re not gonna be
able to hold it in for more than 30 seconds. – Any last words to your best
friend before you guys drown? – I gotchu, boy. (water drowns out speaker) – That water is not gonna
stop until you give up. Face your fear, guys. Face your fear. Face it, face it, face it. (water gushing) Going under. – Hold your breath, uh oh. How long can they hold their breath? – [Jennie] I was already freaking out. – [Aquel] I was running
out of breath quick, I was trying to hold it. We had a death grip underneath the table. And, you know, if I didn’t
feel that grip anymore, it was time to pull that lever. – This is going to be
extremely close right now. (intense music) Daniel is likely to lose it. Come on, don’t panic, don’t panic! (water burbling) Oh! – Oh, (bleep)! – [Daniel] You know, I was
running out of breath quick. I was trying to hold it, and then, I had to pull that lever fast. (quick, intense music)


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