Doug Drinks Cider Bold Rock Harvest Haze Review

yo this is Doug with Doug Drinks Cider
and this is actually my very first video that I’ve ever made for this channel so
it may be rough it may be terrible but all I care about
is telling you about Bold Rock Harvest Haze. This is what I’m gonna call a first
sip review where I’ve never had this cider before now they’ll be reviews down
the line where I’ve I’ve had the cider and I loved it or hated it or am
indifferent to it but this particular Harvest Haze the fall seasonal from Bold
Rock out of Mills River North Carolina this is gonna be the first time I’ve had
this cider now my six week old baby is currently sleeping so if you hear him
crying during this first sip I’m leaving it because you only get one first sip
so Bold Rock is out of Mills River in North Carolina I’ve been to their cidery
it’s amazing you should go I don’t consider Bold Rock to be on the cutting
edge of cider but they’re a very solid cider company that I love they’ve got a lot
of great ciders there – they were kinda early on too like you had your angry
orchards and your Hornsby’s but Bold Rock it’s kind of this newer wave but
kind of early early cidery for that so this Harvest Haze fall seasonal I’ve never
had it I’ve no idea if this is twist-off or or if you need to you know CLINK so I’m going
to make a fool of myself and turn it nope that’s not gonna work okay so first
before we get into it let’s look at this this bottle art Bold Rock has never been
one to do a lot of art on their actual like drinking mechanism drinking mechanism but their box here as you can
see apples pumpkins here’s what it says by the way on the box that it’s a unique
blend of pumpkin and Blue Ridge Mountain apples so I expect that this will taste
very white girl that it will taste very flannel and that it will be amazing okay
so here are the stats 4.7 percent alcohol by volume is a little low for
most ciders so we’ll see how that goes surprisingly on the drier side I would
consider this a semi sweet because when I look at it 9 grams
of sugar and nine total grams of carbs that’s actually not terrible at all when
you think about like an angry orchard you’re at twenty five grams of carbs and
really ultimately a lot of the ciders I drink are in this 5 to 15 gram range
preferably lower so this one is not heavy sugar now if you’re on a low-carb
diet you probably won’t be able to pull this one off maybe just one 130 calories I mean so
this one’s not gonna be heavy from what I’m reading
there is a nice I don’t know what you call it in the bottom there’s some
definite like stuff in the bottle I’ll know what you’d call that so there’s
gonna be that flavour in there so without further ado the box art Harvest
Haze from Bold Rock Mills River in North Carolina let’s get this bad boy opened
if I can even can figure out a do that this is gonna be a mistake oh definitely
not got the peanut gallery is laughing at me over here the ugliest opening of
all time okay so Bold Rock Harvest Haze 4.7
percent alcohol 9 grams of carbs there is a definite something in the cider
that is definitely mixing I don’t know if you can see that probably not but
that’s an interesting first sip I didn’t I didn’t anticipate that flavor
let me let me try some more it’s okay on first sip it definitely you can tell
that it has less alcohol than normal cider which is not a problem at all I
mean and I’m not tasting a ton of pumpkin yeah it is interesting
I’m not I don’t really taste apple or pumpkin I’m not sure tasting it
tastes good I don’t mishear me here it tastes good I like it and I would drink
all six of these for sure like they’re not gonna go to waste
but I’m not really sure I’m not sure what’s going on with this cider if I can
put it that way there’s a definite haze within the cider
it’s hard to say there’s definitely something mixing in here again I don’t
know if you can see that in there but and here’s there’s the art by the way
but that is that is an interesting one obviously it’s a seasonal so they only
bring it out for fall I like it’s not terribly sweet which is good and the 9
grams of carbs know it sounds weird to say but it feels right um I would say
this would be good for one or two this is not going to be an everyday cider not
your everyday cider not at all but it is nice it’s the only real fall seasonal
that I can think of in the cider line at least I’ve been exposed to so my first
sip review and I’ll end up doing another review fully on this later on but if I
had to rate that one out of one to ten apples I think I would probably
I’m sorry Bold Rock I don’t mean to do this to you I probably give it a 6
there’s nothing about excuse me this particular cider that jumps out to me
like I got to get more of these but it’s also not bad so like if I was at a bar
or at a party and this was one of a few options I would definitely pick it and
would not be displeased with doing that but I’m just not rocking and rolling
with it and but maybe after a few more of these I will but I’m gonna keep
drinking it so for those of you who do like kind of the seasonal pumpkin you’re
gonna love this but it isn’t it is odd when you’re used to such an apple-y and
pear-y ciders but Bold Rock you do a lot of great things this one is good and my
first sip is a six. six apples for the Bold Rock Harvest Haze fall seasonal
come back hit like button hit that subscribe button so I can actually be
motivated doing these and thank you for watching
literally my first video it may not be the first one you see but this was the
first video it had awkwardness which is what I like
and it had cider so and I drank it which is Doug Drinks Cider hit that subscribe
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