Drinking an energy drink while driving in PUBG

Okay here we go we have to get to the other side of a Pochinki quick Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Wait wait wait wait wait
What’s going on? I’ve got slightly low health. I need to have an energy drink. Oh, my god, drink it while we’re driving man. Go. Let’s go here we go oh Wait, what are you doing? I said, I need to have a drink. What are you talking about? We’re gonna stay here, I’ve got to drink my energy drink. What’s the big deal? Just do it while we’re driving. It’s not that big a deal. We all know that it’s physically impossible to drink a can of drink while driving. Yes you can. You can drink while we’re driving. I’m going. I’m going now. Oh Adam come on man. What is your problem? What are you talking about literally get a drink put it up your mouth drive the car Adam. Go! Ok, Here we go
Drive, Drive, Drive, Drive Oh my god, I spilt it again. Why can’t you just drink the drink as we f*cking drive? You might as well ask me why can’t you fly? Why can’t you run a million miles an hour it is physically impossible to drink a can of drink whilst in the moving vehicle. Ok, Then, drink it right now quickly while we’re waiting go We’re right out in the open.
This is a terrible position to be in. Happy Now? Okay, thank you now we can proceed.Oh God, Oh God
Oh God ah Hang on, hang on, hang on I’m in the driver’s seat. Okay. Sorry Adam. We got no time blue’s coming in mate
Sorry Mate No! Come out and pick me up! No! Please please rez me please Oh God. Oh, the blue’s coming, please come back. Oh Oh no, I’m going to die Oh No NO NO… eh!

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