drinktec 2017 — Light Wine – Less Alcohol, more Taste!

Wine stands for pleasure and Dolce Vita. But stylish and light please! Men – and women – want to enjoy in moderation,
because health and fitness are popular today. The current trends in the wine industry are
certainly heading towards lighter products, meaning less alcohol, it’s heading a bit
more towards white wine and products that you like to drink without having to take a
siesta afterwards. Producing aromatic wines with less alcohol,
however, is an art in itself. It seems we need to rely more on technological
support especially in the production of lighter wines, because either we have to reduce the
sugar in the must – or the alcohol afterwards in the finished wine. And this is not possible at the moment without
technological support. A technical possibility is physical processes
such as distillation or membrane techniques. Geisenheim university is treading this path
for light delicacies. The main challenge in alcohol reduction of
wine is, along with the alcohol, not to reduce the volatile components too much, in other
words the aromas. The advantage of alcohol reduction, however,
is that we can reduce the negative sensory aspects of alcohol. Wines with an excessive alcohol content taste
mildewed and bitter and this is no longer the case when we partially reduce the alcohol
content. The character of wine also benefits from another
sort of alcohol reduction: The company Erbslöh produces yeasts that form less alcohol and more glycerin. The stylistics of wine, of course, also change
when you introduce this yeast. We say it goes in the direction of a lighter
summer wine, thus it is more fruity from the aromas and the glycerin content increases
the “mouthfeel”, as it is referred to when the aromas last longer on the palate. Wine stands for enjoyment, tradition, naturalness
and Dolce Vita – but its production is also a high-tech process. To keep up to date with knowledge and technology
is essential for all involved. The international winery exhibition SIMEI
takes place this year for the first time in the framework of drinktec, the world’s leading
trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry. The cooperation between SIMEI and drinktec
is a very interesting opportunity to combine synergies I see a lot of benefits from the cooperation
between SIMEI and drinktec. drinktec is the most important international
exhibition for beverages, soft drinks and beer. In conjunction with SIMEI, more emphasis is
being placed on our main focus, the wine sector, and this clearly suits us. And I am already looking forward to the trade
fair, I will take a good look at it for a few days.

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