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What’s going on everybody?
Welcome back to FairgroundsTV I am your host Peter Moeller, today we have Eder Valdelana
Rioja, and as far as I can remember this is, ooh it’s got like a little mahogany hue to
it, it’s nice and deep mahogany red. As far as I remember this is 90, 85 percent
Tempranillo and 15 percent viura, which I’m not very familiar with.
But I’m about to get familiar with it. 13 and a half percent alcohol rioja, from
Espana! Let’s check it out.
*sniffs* Ooh. Getting a big aroma of alcohol. This
I read is a very young wine, this is the youngest wine of their line, there’s three of them
in this like, Eder series, and this is the youngest one.
It’s quite potent in the nose, but you get some of those red fruits.
I’m getting a little cherry and a slight currant on the nose.
Let’s check it out. *sips*
I’m getting like a cranberry, and a slight tart raspberry flavor on the palate.
It’s not very oaky at all, like I said it’s very young so it’s not aged that long.
This is very interesting actually, for a young wine it stands up very well.
I’d say this, you could probably have some nice hearty meats to stand up to that, I don’t
know, slightly acidic and tart fruit. But, nice wine!
Give it a check out. Got plenty of it in the store.
Grab it while you can, and we’ll see you next time!

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