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It’s Lunar New Year’s Day, so I came home. It’s a restaurant in the bus terminal. Gimbap is the first meal of the day. Gimbap Blazing with Sesame oil Misrepresenting 190,000 won as 19,000 won. Whenever I do this, I feel that I am 0 languages. We’re back at the strawberry farm. I came to buy sweet potatoes today. Pick sweet potato size The prices will be higher in the order below. This is strawberry. I think this is a place for babies. the cutest picture They gave us something delicious before strawberry and sweet potato! I got home. I’m enjoying the soup of beef from my mom. And spinachi namul – This is an older diary. My sister wanted to show me his old diary, so I brought it out. – Picture! End(?) – Why are you showing me this? – I’m bragging about it. I met a friend and came to the mart. I’ve never seen roast hodduk before. I’m watching you make something interesting. – Oh, for real. – Are you in trouble (?) – Am I a troublemaker? four-pronged end Plain Yogurt red wine steak sauce Yap! Seafood Sutta Udon (pointing) I’m at the youth coffee shop. – What should we eat? inter-vacant tteokbokki Must order menu in youth tea room (butter garlic French fries) – This is a face. – Huh? I know… Is this hair, eyes, nose, mouth? I ordered tteokbokki with cheese and omelet. Flagged with mini tongs Oh, I’m gonna add ramen. – Add it, now. – Is it working now? – Uh. – I like the best noodles in this place. – I like ramen best in Tteokbokki, too. – So two more? – Hey. / LOL. Miracle logic that we should have three ramen since there. – Are you here to eat ramen? apron transformation It is salty and delicious. I’m at a nearby cafe.
(Strawberry Bottle cake / Omija tea / Adagio cheese cake) I ordered hot tea. – Arabian…What is it? (tea name) – Arabian Nights…? The name of the tea is Arabian Magic. Why are you taking it? I couldn’t remember the cake I had with my friend before. You said you’d be eating this or that next holiday.. I’m eating boiled meat at home. It’s the best if you eat it with kimchi. I’m eating this while I’m editing. shine Dad recommends that this is the delicious part. Today’s first meal is oyster rice. with soothing sauce on top of it Let’s mix it up. Today’s lunch is soup rice (?) Correction… Oyster rice. – I said it wrong. – I’m surprised. What’s wrong with her with kimchi – They’ll be mistaken. Sweet potato pancakes. My dad did it for me. warm sweet potato pancakes It was delicious, so I kept picking it up. not gonna hurt you. Sister recommended this book, so I finished reading it. It’s so warm. It’s good. a sad last scene This is a cassette that my sister and I bought at the UE before. I love the song. The sound quality of the player is not good. It’s noisy, but it’s more analogous, so it fits the song well. Preview by audio I came back to Seoul for work tomorrow. – We have to eat Icheon rice here. – Choco Choco. I made him do this. – Roche and honey chestnuts. – I like this place best. – If you take a bus, you have to eat this. I should’ve ordered Icheon rice. We’re home now, and we’re so tired (?) – You’re so tired. Why are you eating this? – No, I’m so tired that I took a little rest and… With fried chicken noodles, Fire chicken lights and black bean noodles. – I’m trying to mix it up and enjoy it. laver was the last The fire chicken sauce is very hot, so just a little – Got it. / Yes, Got it! – It’s over~ I’m rubbing it hard. I will eat kimchi that I brought home with me It looks delicious, right? – Wow, let’s make kimchi fried rice with kimchi now. – I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten kimchi fried rice at home. – I could have been wronged if I had bought kimchi. – I would’ve eaten it, though. Let’s rub it hard. Finish Kimchi and Fried chicken noodle + Black Bean Noodles It’s really yummy. The most delicious food in the world is ramen. This kimchi was my style. Talking about drama Stories are embarrassing because it’s a soap opera. We took vitamins and now we’re going to sleep. a vitamin preacher preach to one’s family I’m taking three multivitamin, vitamin C, and lactobacillus. I put mine in the office. – Like this. – I’ll take it – Oh! I’m gonna get two out of here in the first place. And finally, everyone, take care of the place. Let’s fight back from Wuhan Pneumonia! Thank you all for watching.


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