engsub/indosub BTS Live : makgeolli rice wine party

This paper is so fluttering. Even if it is,
you just have to stay still. – Again.
– Again. 1, 2, 3. The paper… What is so funny about
the fluttering paper? You can’t concentrate.
How come you can hold 10 seconds? The paper keeps fluttering. – Then let’s get a drink.
– Yeah, yeah. – That’s mine.
– Is it yours? We should get a drink
if it flutters. J-Hope. – He must be drunk.
– He’s making a scene. Since we made a pledge…
Okay, Jimin. – In the 613 Prom Party,
– Yes. – A glass of rice wine. – A glass of rice wine.
– I made a cocktail with rice wine. – We promised to have it. – Yeah.
– We’ll talk more after a drink. – Cheers.
– A glass of makgeolli (rice wine). We are in Daegu-like Seoul. This place is like Daegu Metropolitan City,
Seoul Special District. Our original promise to go to Daegu,
but in reality, – due to our tight schedule.
– Our schedule is hectic. We thought it’s practically impossible. So we found a restaurant
famous for its rice wine. This restaurant also serves
Daegu flat dumplings. – Flat dumplings.
– We ate too much. – Not a lot of restaurants have flat dumplings.
– Yes. We had a drink
before this live broadcast. We actually had a couple of drinks. – A couple of drinks.
– Today, we practiced for a concert from the morning. – We just finished.
– We didn’t even wash up to come here. We have no makeup on whatsoever. I think you got drunk too soon
since you’re tired. – J-Hope’s face color is very…
– How are your feelings, J-Hope? Very hot. – Hot, hot?
– Yes, hot. – And…
– It’s really hot. – We got together like this.
– He’s drunk. – Thank you for making this happen.
– Yes. – Yeah, it’s really…
– In the 613 Prom Party We made this pledge in “BTS FESTA”,
but the one who created this opportunity is our fans, I believe. – I’m sorry for the delay.
– I feel great to have a drink in a long time. In fact, it is not easy to
make a chance like this. The last time we had a drinking party
was “BANGTAN Dinner Party”. – Right.
– Yeah. – We haven’t gotten together often lately.
– All 7 of us. – 4 of us did two days ago. You heavy drinkers. I hardly have drinks
had it not been for a party as a group. It’s been a really long time since we came
outside to drink. We usually drink in the dorm. – We often drink in the dorm.
– In the dorm. – Then we… – We find all sorts of drinks.
– In the dorm, soy sauce marinated crab… – I know. – The other day,
– Leftovers are an accompaniment to a drink. Jin bought sashimi and put it
in the fridge so he could eat later. Suga wanted to eat that. He wanted to drink on his own. He asked whose sashimi it was. I bought that so that
I can drink alone in the first place. – We got a party.
– So Suga started eating that. I joined. I would have joined you guys
if I had been there. I was there,
but I didn’t drink. – He was brushing his teeth. – He came while
brushing his teeth. – “I have to sleep”. You know it was 5 in the morning
when we turned in? I was so tired. – At that time, I fell asleep right away.
– I went to bed at 5 AM and woke up at 4 PM. – Anyways.
– OK. – So this is Korean wine. It’s called makgeolli.
– Makgeolli. – Broccoli, makgeolli.
– Makgeolli. Jungkook, you can drink from that bottle. – OK, OK.
– Give me some. Thanks to you,
we are having makgeolli. This is nice. We are working hard on
our concert. – Right.
– Also, our new album is completed. Why don’t we give brief spoilers? – I’m a bit tipsy, I might make a slip of tongue.
– OK. You stay quiet. Any information about the album… – I’ll do it.
– Yes, please. Show your face. Suga is going to do it. – He’s hiding his face.
– I’ll give some spoilers. – Not too much.
– This album. – This album. – Is it really okay to reveal this?
– Don’t tell me you’ll say, “BTS will sing”. What are you doing? I’m not sure if I can reveal this. – We’ll hear you out.
– This album. It’s legendary. – That’s so lame.
– That was what I was exactly expecting. – Cheers, cheers.
– You guys do it, then. Taehyung, you’re sitting in the center. Please say something about
our new album “Answer”. Think about it. – He’s drunk.
– He’s really crazy. – But I…
– Any point our fans can look forward to? – Point…
– Say anything. What our fans are looking forward to. Visuals, choreography, and songs. – I believe it will all feel new.
– I loved it. Personally, I really loved it. I’m glad we keep performing music
like this. Our fans are… – Right. Right. – Jin-san. Say something.
– Right. – What is right? – You want to get hit (pun)?
– This thing, for real? The album would make you
think so. Is it? What is it? Right. I know what you are
talking about. That thing. – Right. I know. – Is it what I’m thinking?
– Exactly. – That one? – Yes, that one.
– OK. – Jin, what were you going to say?
– I forgot since I’m dumb. Is it okay to film this? – We are here to fulfill our pledge.
– Right. Pledge. – We promised to have a glass of makgeolli.
– There is something really important. – What is it?
– This is why we have to watch what we say. I heard the number of V LIVE viewers
are almost 9.98 million. – We should watch what we say, everybody.
– He should reveal his six-pack. – Reveal six-pack?
– There’s no six-pack. It’s just my stomach. – J-Hope will reveal his abs.
– He’s been working hard for 3 months. – J-Hope, you exercised so much. I saw that.
– I did work hard. His abs are well defined.
Nice. – Defined.
– But… No matter how it turned out, Hope really worked hard. But he doesn’t have a six pack yet. – We talked about it today.
– You revealed the result. – What? – No, no.
– No, J-Hope will reveal it. – No. It’s like…
It’s on his face. The other day,
what was it? We were talking about
J-Hope’s abs. We brainstormed
to come up with something funny. You know I flash my abs
during the “FAKE LOVE” performance? – Hope will do that.
– J-Hope. – He will flash his abs during the performance.
– J-Hope! Are you ready, J-Hope? – I’m not ready.
– You’re not? – Not yet? – Not enough. – All right.
– Okay. – So today…
– How many people came? – As far as I know, about over 10 thousand.
– 20,000. I’ve been looking at you guys.
Man, you’re so drunk. – Really? Then cheers.
– Yeah. Why are you so drunk? Shall we wrap it up with a toast? OK. Before we get going,
what we want to talk about. – Someone who didn’t talk today. Jungkook.
– Jungkook. – You wrap it up, Jungkook. Our new song…
I mean, It can be either our new album or pledge.
Please wrap it up. First off, I would like to thank ARMY
for letting us have this get-together dinner. We are working on our new album. We have been practicing
for our upcoming concert. – I guarantee you it’s going to be amazing.
– For sure. – Yes. – By the way… Never mind. Go ahead.
– No, you can go ahead. – I wanted to say something.
– Go ahead. – Our concert… Since our fans know.
– They do. I really miss you all.
I miss you like crazy. We have waited
for such a long time. – For 6 or 7 months. – Right.
– We have missed you so much. We have been working hard
for the past 6 or 7 months. And the concert is going to be one of a kind
and the best of all time. We are working really hard – not to let you down.
– He’s being weird. Anyways. Wrap it up, Jungkook. – Our new album comes before the concert.
– Right. Please look forward to it.
We know you have high hopes. We will work really hard to fulfill your expectations. – Please look forward to it.
– You’re doing great, Jungkook! Everyone, now… – Korea.
– Korea. – Korea.
– Comeback. We will kill it. – The end. – Finish. – The end.
– Bye. – Korea comeback.
– See you later, everyone. Bye! – Thank you.
– What? Nobody? OK. Cheers. My glass is empty.

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