Episode 38: Stone Tower Winery

– It’s fall. Reds are in, and we know
that we like really big reds. Stay tuned, Stone Tower Winery reds are comin’ to you. (upbeat music) – Hey there, it’s Robyn Burdett with Robyn Burdett Real Estate Group and I’m so excited to be here today with Lacey with Stone Tower, the Vice President of everything at Stone Tower Winery, because she has three spectacular, well actually two and a special somethin’ in the middle that she wants to tell us about. So, Lacey, talk to us
about these great reds. – Perfect, so, the two wines that I wanted to really speak to you about today are two of my favorite. Bordeaux-style red blends that we do, so. The first we’ll talk about is from our Wild Boar seller (murmurs), and this is a Cabernet
Sauvignon-based wine, so it’s got this really rich, lovely black plum, cherries, really fruity, delicious stuff here. And I brought it out
today ’cause it really helps tell the story of Virginia and wines and where we’re coming from and where we’re going. So, we named it the Pursuit. After talking, we knew we had this great wine, we just needed to give it a name and a identity, so I did a little research and found this letter
from Thomas Jefferson that he wrote to George Washington. – So cool! – Yeah. And in it, he says, it’s quoted
on the back of the label, “Agriculture is our wisest
pursuit, because it will, in the end, contribute
the most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.” – And of course it’s in a red wine, so agriculture’s good. (laughing) – Exactly, so, for me, and you know,
obviously with this big project we have going on at Stone Tower, agriculture is at the heart of it and it’s not only producing great wine, it’s preserving the farmland that we have. Here, in the western
part of Loudoun County, it makes living here in this area so magical, I think, because you have everything that you need, your Target, everything is right there, but then you also have
access to these beautiful rolling hills, our amazing
farms and everything, and just to be able to keep that is great for quality of life. – Well it’s one of the
things that makes Virginia so special, in my opinion,
is the fact that we do have this absolutely
beautiful place to live, and Loudoun County has been
actually one of the best counties in the state to welcome wineries all the time. So, this one’s really fun because of it being Thomas Jefferson, especially because the
fact of where we are, so. (murmurs) – Absolutely. – What is this, little… – So…
– Wind Swept. – This one here is Wind Swept Hill, so, this is one of our two estate Bordeaux blends that we make, so we also make the Hogback Mountain which,
similar to the Pursuit, is a Cabernet Sauvignon-driven wine. The One Swept Hill is
kind of its little sister, but my favorite, so it’s a Cabernet Franc and Merlot-based wine, and so this is, if you
go over to Bordeaux, there’s Right Bank and
Left Bank and that’s do a little reading on
that, we don’t need to chat about it, but… (laughing) – This also harks back to our agricultural base here, so, when we bought the farm it was a cattle farm, there was really nothin’ here, and the name of it was
Wind Swept Hill Farm, because it’s very windy here, which, I always say is
great in the summertime, kind of dries off the grapes and really decreases that issues that we can have with
humidity and all of that, and really awful in the wintertime because ya need an extra coat
when you come up here. – Well the wind, I mean,
coming off the hills here. So, now you’ve said it twice, and this has always been my stump thing for people with wine. What does Bordeaux blend mean? – Yes, that is, yes. – Five varietals. – Five varietals, so. Bordeaux in France is really the wine connoisseur’s epicenter for fantastic age-worthy,
seller-worthy red wines. And there’s five varietals there. So, for your Left Bank, so, there’s a river that
runs through Bordeaux, you have the Left Bank and the Right Bank and they make two different styles. So, the Right Bank is usually based in Cabernet Franc and Merlot, and on the Left Bank it’s usually based in Cabernet Sauvignon. So that’s three of your varietals. You also have Petit Verdot which is… – A yummy, yummy grape. – And it’s pretty amazing because, here in Virginia, we’ve
actually started making some single varietal, so, 100% Petit Verdot wines, but usually, in Bordeaux, it’s just a blending grape. It has a really intense purple color. – It’s beautiful. – So, yeah, it gives… – It’s so much darker
and richer than a Cab, so that’s why I love it, but. So, okay, and now the fifth. – And, Malbec. – Malbec. – Yeah, which is always a
little bit of a surprise. – Everybody thinks it came from Argentina. It didn’t. Its been around for years
and years and years. It just, they kind of procured it and Argentina has made it
something, kinda like New Zealand. They made Sauvignon Blanc. No, no no no no, its been around for years. It’s just that that’s their
official kind of wine. So, but Malbec is in France and it’s in almost a lot of our wine, the five varietals of the Bordeaux. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Exactly. And then, we have a
really fun wine here, too. So, this is a fun little pet project for us, so, and we call it one of our
speakeasy wines, ’cause it’s not usually on the list it’s kind of, you gotta be in the know about it, ’cause we make a very limited amount, but we wanted to share
it here with you today. (laughing) – So, it is a Port-style wine. – Oh, yummy. – And it’s made from the Norton grape which is a it’s a native grape to
Virginia, to this area, and it’s can be made in to a regular
table wine like these, but we love it as a Port-style, so how that works is we’ll be fermenting the wine and before it totally ferments… We’ll stop the fermentation
by adding brandy made by Catoctin Creek, and that stops the fermentation. So, and fermentation is really sugar turning in to alcohol. And so, by stopping it,
it retains some of that natural grape sugar and so it becomes this
sweet, boozy, delicious wine. – And Catocin Creek is here in Virginia. So this is all Virginia-made, but I notice it’s porton… – Porton, yup. – Because Port only goes
like Champaign district, and Port is only in Spain, so this is your version of it. – Yeah. So it’s a little… – All Virginia-made. – Port plus Norton. Porton. – Porton. – There ya go. (laughing) – I love that. That’s really cute. Well, Lacey, its been so much fun. Thank you very much, and cheers. Fall’s gonna be fabulous with these great reds and Stone Tower Winery, it’s all around your corner. Come have fun. (upbeat music)

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