Escaping From Cops Using Magic – How To Drink In Public

– Oh man, that is good stuff. – Sir, you!
– Hey. – Hey, what are you doin’? What are you doin’ back here, man? – I’m just hanging out, man. I got some free champagne
from the hotel, man. – Hold on dude, let me tell ya somethin’. I had complaints that
you’re back here drinkin’ we don’t allow people
out here with bottles and glass back here
just drinkin’ anywhere. – Man, it’s Vegas though. We’re allowed to drink anywhere, you know? Sin City, whoo ha!
– No we do not allow people to just drink back here, sir. – Why not, man?
Nobody’s around here. – It’s against the rules.
– Nobody’s gonna see us. – It’s against the rules, sir.
– It’s Vegas. – That’s just how it is, sir. – Come on. – Now you’re doin’ it in front of me. – You wanna sip? – No, I don’t think so. – Well here, hold on.
Wait, wait, wait. Let me just–
– Now you’re doin’ it in front of me.
– Hang on. How ’bout if I do this? Now you don’t even now you don’t see it, man. See, like this? – Sir you did it again.
– Hold on. – And he’s continuing to not comply. – How ’bout if if just do that? Put it in the bag? – How ’bout we maybe
put you in some cuffs? – That’s not a good idea, no, no. You can’t see it now. If you came around like this– – It’s still there, sir. We don’t, it’s not like–
– How ’bout that then? – You’re not drinkin’.
You still got a bottle. You still got a bag sir, and a bottle. – How ’bout this?
Nothing here. – No sir, and you did do it in front of me with constitutes me maybe
even putting you in cuffs sending you to jail. – No, no, I can’t do that. It’s Vegas, man. Come on, man.
I don’t even have it. You don’t even know I have it. This could be a statue. – You still have it, sir. – How if I just do that? I mean, nothing.
How ’bout that? Is that better, man? – You have something, I saw something. – That’s it.
– You did something. – I have nothin’.
– What’d you do? – I don’t have anything.
– What’d you do? – Nothin’ on me, man. – What’d you do?
– Nothin’. I got nothing, dude. – Where the hell, where’d it go, man? He’s done something. – If I had something then
it’d be a problem, right? But I got nothing, man. – You did something.
– And it’s Vegas. I got nothing.
I just hangin’ out, nice day. – No man, it’s just not a hanging out day. Not with drinking. – I’m not drinking, man.
I got nothing. – What’d you do, man? – If I got nothing can I go? There’s nothing, can
I go if I got nothing? – You need to maybe go to jail. – No man, I’ll get out of here man. I got it, I got it man. It’s all right, I got it. (rock music)

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