Every “Wine” in Wine Country | Netflix Is A Joke

– (breathing deeply) It’s an
amazing day in wine country. (wine cork popping) (upbeat music) – Drink wine, and laugh, and wear muumuus, and just like hanging out, drinking wine. – All that is baked into the itinerary. We’re gonna lay around,
we’re gonna drink wine. – We been drinking wine all day. – A ton of wine. – Better get to the wine tasting. – This one’s good. What’s it called again? – White wine. – Send ambulance to Sacred Moon Winery. Friend bitten by snake!? Snake emoji. – The first official winery and vineyard. – [Female Guest] Winery. – This is an organic winery. So, we can’t have you walking in there. – Oh. – Yeah, I think we put up signs. – Wine waste. – Wine diamonds. Our wines are not on ice. – [Male Narrator] Would love
to get your names and socials for our wine club. – 04% of the wine– – I do not wanna learn
about wine on this trip. – All right, fine. Go
to a wine store then. – Oh, a funny story. I had
some wine diamonds, today, and I don’t feel so good. – We’re gonna go through the wine tunnels and then we’re gonna take the drone shot. – These weird wine caves
would be a good place to try Molly. Today was not an amazing
day in wine country. – There’s wine down here. – Man, she’s keeping that wine safe. – Ping-pong between water
and wine because that helps with the hangover. – Geez. People really like to
talk about wine around here. – Well, yeah. (wine
cork popping) It’s Napa. (laughs) Right? Why you came here. (upbeat music)


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