Exes Play Truth or Drink (Megan & Zachary) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– If you could erase every
memory of me, would you? Jesus. – This is dark. Absolutely not. You give really good blowjobs. – Yes. I’m Megan. – I’m Zach. – And we used to date in high school. – Yup. – [Male Voice] How long did you guys date? – [Couple] Three years. – We technically never broke up. – It was pretty apathetic. – [Male Voice] Are you guys
seeing anyone right now? – I’m dating somebody. – I’m kind of dating someone
that has a primary partner. – [Male Voice] So that means no hook up between you two tonight? – That is what that means. – That is what that means. – You go first. – What’s the worst thing
I’ve ever done to you? I think I know the answer to that. – Dumped me in the parking lot. (laughter) We were talking outside my car and he was like, “Yeah, I
don’t wanna do this anymore.” And I immediately puked. – That was so bad. – And then he just got in the car with his friends and drove off. – Dude this shit fucking haunts me. Six months later I was
like, “I really miss you.” – [Male Voice] Is Zach the only
man that you’ve ever dated? – Yeah. – [Male Voice] What’s
your sexual orientation? If you’re okay talking about it. – Definitely dated and slept
with only women since Zach. But I don’t identify as lesbian
or bi or anything like that. Just kind of whatever,
whatever crosses my path. How did you feel when you
found out I was dating women? – I think I was a little surprised but, I don’t know I was of just like alright. Whatever. I don’t know. – What’s your least
favorite thing I do in bed? – I don’t know. I guess I’m taking a shot.
– You gotta take a shot. Sorry. You know I won’t be that mad. – I know. – Now I’m trying to read
these through the back. – You can’t do that. – Can’t do that. – I dare you to kiss me with tongue. Take two shots to get out of it. – So stupid! – [Male Voice] It’s just a dare. Just do it. – No we can’t! – The first we made out was a dare. – That’s true. – It was basically this game. – What would it take for
us to get back together? (laughter) Damn! It’s your turn. – Why did we break up? – I don’t know. I just got too mad at you. (laughter) I think I was just mad at men and I felt like you didn’t get it. I just got too mad and then we stopped getting along and graduation. – [Male Voice] Wait! Who broke up with who? – We didn’t break up. – [Male Voice] So what
you’re saying in a way, you guys are still together. – We’re still together. – Still together. – What? We can’t do this. Touch tongues as long as you can. First person to withdraw takes a shot. Do you wanna do that? – Yeah, alright.
– It’s up to you. – Let’s do it. – Fuck I’m gonna lose. – I’m bored. Is there anything you would
like to apologize for? – I knew this was gonna be one. Even though I feel a
little bit justified in it, I’m sorry that I was so
angry with you in high school and that I expressed that
in a pretty inconsiderate and inefficient way. – I think you were just direct, which is something I’ve
always appreciated about you. – I’m so sorry for that though. – Well apology accepted. – Thanks. I dare you to post on Facebook
that we’re back together. You’re gonna do it? – Yeah. – Okay. (laughter) Your turn. – Do you regret the way we broke up? – No. ‘Cause we didn’t but-. – [Male Voice] Do it! (laughter) – Babe. – Babe. – Babe. – No I don’t want my
hands to be like that. – Babe, we need to talk. Babe. No, babe. – Okay, about what? (laughter) I’m finding you decided
to be the one to do it. – Babe I wanna break up. – Okay. Can we still hang out? – Yeah. – Okay. – Cool. – [Male Voice] Yay! (applause) Was that better than the parking lot? – Yeah. – [Male Voice] How was this for you guys? – It was pretty good. It was fun. – I would say good. – [Male Voice] A little
toast to best buds? – Sure. We’re already in deep. To buds. – To buds? – To buds. – Okay, that touched tongues. (applause)


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