Finding Wine Flavors

hey what’s up it’s Madeline I am a
sommelier and the co-founder of wine folly dot com and I’m also the designer of
all of our custom products you’ll find in our store. This is the wine flavor
finder. I was inspired to create this chart after having been a baby somm
trying to find flavors in wine in order to become better at blind tasting and
winning blind tasting competitions! This chart does a really good job of
organizing categorizing flavors by type and also telling you where those flavors
are derived. This is the secret to identifying wines. As an add value on the
back, for you geeks out there, I included some of the most impactful aromatic
compounds found in wine so you can find these flavors you can identify the
actual compounds that are affecting your glass. Very cool. So, I thought we would
give this flavor finder a try with a glass of Pinot Noir I have here from
Chile. Alright first thing that I look for when sniffing wine are maybe those
major fruit flavors found in the wine with red wines it tends to be either red
fruit or black fruit or maybe even dried fruit if it’s a really from a really
warm climate. For Pinot Noir since it comes from a cool climate I’m expecting
more red fruit flavors but on this wine I do get some red fruit flavors but
they’re much more stewey in their makeup stewed strawberry, cherry, more black
cherry, maybe even plum or blackberry. So I can assume already that this wine
might have come from a warmer vineyard site in Chile or perhaps a warmer
vintage. Then the next thing I look for are those “other” flavors in the wine
maybe its spice flavors maybe it’s vegetable flavors, earth, floral notes, or
aging flavors. So, I do get some other flavors in this wine a whiff a floral
note of rose a rose is a really common variety smell associated with Pinot
Noir caused by an aromatic compound beta- damascone
Beyond that I do get some more of those vegetal type aromatic compounds maybe
more in the black tea realm. So it’s definitely more baked in its style. There is
a funkiness to this wine more in the realm of mushroom or truffle. It’s not
quite too funky to be a wine fault in my opinion it’s
more part of that winemaking process. And then finally there are a milleu of
baking spices, vanilla, cocoa powder, even a whiff of leather on this wine which
are associated with oxidation and oak aging. So there you are,
we’ve assessed a pinot noir with the wine flavor finder. I hope you find this
flavor finder fun!


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