Finger Lakes Partner of the Month: New York Wine & Culinary Center

It’s amazing the different things we do.
From the public bistro that we have, which is a name of the restaurant, the upstairs bistro is the name of the restaurant we have in the center. The education classes
that we do everything from a hands-on kitchen, which is where you’re actually
putting on an apron and and preparing meals with the instructional chefs next
to you, as well as the Wine Spectator theater which is where you would watch a
chef do something but you’re very hands-off while you may enjoy beer or
wine pipes and you’re going to enjoy the cuisine they’re going to prepare but
you’re not actually participating. And its really great at the Culinary Center
because you can host a private event. Whether it’s in the hands-on cooking in
a private dining room there are so many options for any size group. Most people
come in they have heard of it they’ve been by it, but they’ve never been in
it. They want to see what the facilities are like. If you’ve never been in it you’ll be awed. Food and culinary is
hot in New York State and actually across the nation. We recently did a
survey and the wine and culinary center came in among the top reasons people
come to our area. We try to keep it simple but we’ve got to make it unique
because people come in here expecting to see something different. That we try to
represent, on a rotating basis, all of New York stage with the wineries breweries
the cideries and the distilleries. It puts everything together. A great
destination for food, wine, beer, and all those special things like learning how
to cook and just having fun with friends and family.

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