First Coffee Shop in London Now Jamaica Wine House

ah right here we go right next door this is
the Jamaica Inn its on the site of London’s first coffee store this was once a church
yard there is still a church behind there St Michael’s but yeah there has been a church
or records of a church here since the year 179 there is records of St Michael’s that
date back to the 10th century the first coffee shop was built here in the church yard in
1652 however everything burnt to the ground including the church in the great fire of
London in 1666 and had to be rebuilt this building was built in the 1860’s OK welcome
to the jam pot that coffee machine looks awesome again this pub like Simpson’s tavern has various
different sections I’am in like an end booth pretty quiet stair way down to a wine bar
below each section towards as we get to the front here gets a little busier right at the
front its a quarter past 2 in the afternoon the front is full of city workers who have
had a few of these anyone who tells you the long city lunch is dead its alive and well
I’ll show you this is the cellar of the Jamaica inn down here more rooms a wine bar and restaurant
little bit more of a relaxed a quiet atmosphere than upstairs wine bar underneath the underneath
the pub even the hidden bars down dark alleyways have hidden underground bars within them in
this part of town its great OK you don’t need me to tell you that there is definitely a
drinking culture here in the city of London you walk down these back alleyways these medieval
looking labyrinths of courtyards and your tripping over bars and pubs and they are full
of punters then you go beneath the surface literally into the cellars they are full of
punters yet more every now and again someone does something someone from a firm does something
at best embarrassing worst ways illegal ends up in court and then the firm is cracking
down on it zero tolerance then slowly but surely it slips out of control again and that
seems to be a cycle that repeats itself but yeah its been going on for hundreds of years
and shows no sign of stopping another pub one pub there pub in that door way there

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