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– Hi I’m Hannah, your friendly
neighborhood Wine Mom, and a lot of people have
been asking me lately what my five-minute beauty routine is, to get the way that I look
in the Wine Mom episodes. So I figured I should show you, because it’s very, very
easy, and anybody can do it. So let’s get started. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is pour yourself a tall glass of wine, if you’re going to be going through the effort of doing your make-up. Next, tinted moisturizer. Those are two words that changed my life. It is a really amazing kind of like moisturizing cream that makes your skin look like it has all its nutrients, and that you see the sunlight and the light of day regularly. You’re gonna get a line right here if you don’t rub it down into your neck. Next, ever since I had kids, all of sudden my skin’s
like, Hey, puberty! Let’s bring these back. You’re gonna want to get some concealer. And I just cake that on, I
don’t even bother with blending. I’m just like, hey, put a patch on each, and figure the rest out. Next, winged eyeliner. (laughs) Moms don’t have time for that, forget it. We got straight into mascara,
because that’s where it’s at. That’s all that really matters. If you have your mascara
on, you look put together. I invest in a volumizing mascara. You want to make sure to
get your bottom lashes, because that’s gonna open your eyes up. But the problem I face a lot of the time with the bottom lashes, is
I’ll start putting it on, and then the mascara gets
all over my lower lid. Here’s a quick, awesome trick. Just take your pinky, blend
it into your dark circles. And this is gonna just blend right in, you’re not even gonna
notice that it’s there. Can you even tell? (wine glass rattles) Woo! I almost dropped my wine. Now next, this is
typically where you’d put on some blush for a little bit of color, but I lost my blush
about three months ago, and just never bought anymore. So I’m just not doing it any more. You’re gonna go into into your contour. I bought this contouring
kit, that’s a concealer kit. It comes with this light,
light, light white concealer. And this is key. You’re gonna take some of this, and I mean don’t be shy with this, you’re gonna rub it on
the back of your hand. Then you’re gonna take
a dark brown eye shadow, any shade of dark brown. You’re gonna dust this all over the white contouring concealer. You wanna saturate this. You’re gonna take this, and you’re just gonna gently
wipe it across your forehead. And every mom knows
what I’m talking about, where you’re like doing something, you get something brown on your hand, and you wipe your forehead. And you don’t realize until
it’s a few hours later. That’s what we’re going for here. This contouring concealer palette is actually good for a
lot of different things. And the other thing I like to use it for is this white concealer, I’m just gonna rub a little
bit in between my fingers, and get it in my hair. And that’s kind of like
a white mystery stain, I don’t know if it’s puke, I don’t know if it’s butt cream, I don’t know what it
is, but it’s in there. And that’s like so mom of me. It looks great. The last piece of make-up
you’re really gonna want is a decent red lipstick. And my Mom has told me this
since I was literally born. It doesn’t matter how you look, as long as you have a good red lipstick. So we’re gonna get on some red lipstick. Oh man. If you get a little
residue brown on your face, it’s like not a big deal either. You can just, that’s for later. So that’s it, it’s very simple. So if you have any other mom make-up tips, leave it in the comments, because I personally don’t see how you can get any better than this. I’m Hannah, your friendly
neighborhood Wine Mom. Til next time! (slow jazzy music)

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