Food Forward: Chinese Wine

When I drink wines
I try to know about them Sometimes there’s a glass of wine
that gives you goosebumps. It’s so exciting The altitude is 1200 meters here The temperature difference between
day and night is huge. The sunlight is very strong
during the day time It is very cool and comfortable at night This is the latest region in the world for winemaking A new world in the new world My father said that
I should master a skill so I would not have to be starving
my whole life Then I asked, which country? I hadn’t even asked what I should study
I asked “Where?” He said France I lived near Orange,
in Chateauneuf-du-Pape a well-known winemaking region Life in France is too good.
There are too many fun places But I thought I should take
wine more seriously So I applied to a winemaking school
in Bordeaux In the middle of my schooling I met Thierry He is my husband now My name is Thierry Courtade I am here because of love First and foremost, out of love And then, to make wine I’m originally from Bordeaux next to Bordeaux, St. Estèphe My father was Chef de Culture
at our chateau My grandfather was a cellar master and I would go with him
when I was six or seven years old You learn and you teach younger people The smells and the taste, for example It’s part of the job as well This is our chief of viticulture He has thirty years of experience
in Ningxia doing viticulture This young man is currently
finishing his studies in viticulture He’s in his fifth year This is a good team We have experience
and computer science A British sommelier from Jean George’s – it’s Michelin starred restaurant
in Waitan, Shanghai – blind tasted our wine He asked “Where is this wine from?” “It tastes like French wine” In most people’s eyes, Chinese wine was not “drinkable”, it was fake Chinese wines had additives,
misleading labels The parcel is not very pretty
because it’s difficult to grow pinot noir in this type of soil It’s sandy, rocky, dry But we’re still going to experiment to see if pinot noir works in this region I actually did not want to come back However, my father firmly believed
that the Ningxia region could produce the best wines in China So I had to come back He took his and my mom’s retirement funds
– $45.000 – and made some stainless steel tanks My husband and I bought
ten oak barrels from France We came back with just some tools
and some yeast powder And we made our first batch of wines You know, making a wine
involves a thousand decisions Sometimes you are not very sure
what you should do Always wondering if it is correct Every night when I drink this wine,
I feel delighted Because they are changing every day


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