Friends with Benefits Play Truth or Drink (Ryan & Vida) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Why would it be bad for us to be in a committed relationship? – I don’t think it would be bad. Do you think it would be? – Uh. (Vida laughs) Hello. – Hello. My name is Vida. – I’m Ryan. – We’re friends with benefits! – Friends with bennies. – You first. (both laugh) – What should we call our relationship? – Friends with bennies. It’s like we’re really great friends, we’re like best friends. There was a time where I
wanted to be in a relationship with Ryan, but it just
didn’t work out that way, so I tried to move on. But here we are! Can we take a shot? I feel really nervous. (laughs) (glasses clink) (glasses thud) Okay. Would you have a three-way with me? – Yeah, absolutely. I would do that. Do that again. – Again. (both laugh) A lot of times people
think that threesomes have to go really bad. You just need good communication,
a hotel, and alcohol. You’ll be good. I’m like a threesome connoisseur. – Where is the weirdest place we had sex? – I don’t know if I should
answer this question. (laughs) My turn? – Go, do it. – What’s the kinkiest thing
you would like to try with me? – Oh, I saw this thing, on
the internet the other day. So you’re like tied up
to this, these ropes. – Wait, like all? – Yeah, like your whole
body, you’re tied up, and your head is hanging down
lowest, and then I twist you, and then I let go of you
so you’re spinning around super fast, and you lower
your head down onto my dick. So it’s like I’m getting a blow job while you’re spinning around endlessly. – I think there would definitely
be teeth involved in that. – Maybe. – I would just be like
frightened. (screams) – I’m willing to take that chance. (Vida laughs) – [Interviewer] Ask when
was the last time you slept with someone other than me. – When was the last time
you slept with someone other than me? – Can I drink to this question? (laugh) – [Interviewer] You don’t
want to talk about it? – Nope. When was the last time you’ve
had sex with someone else? Was it a recent? Was I cuter than her? – No. – Oh, shit. (both laugh) Ouch. (both laugh) – Wait, yes. (Vida laughs) I got confused with the verbiage. You’re cuter than her. – Oh, thanks. – Yeah, that’s what I meant. – You’re just saying that. (both laugh) – Why would it be bad for us to be in a committed relationship? – I don’t think it would be bad. Do you think it would be? – No, I don’t think it would be bad. I mean, there’s upsides and
downsides to everything, though. – Um, I feel like I
should say that recently, we kinda’ve been really
diggin’ each other. You feel that way? – Fuck, no. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, usually situations like
this either end in people hating each other or dating each other. – Yeah, very true. Next question. Are you afraid of commitment, Ryan? – Yeah, I think so, yeah. But I’m also not so afraid of commitment. I go back and forth on that, you know. – [Interviewer] Where are we right now? – Um, going back and forth on it. (both laugh) I’d say no, though. Ima stick with no. I’m not afraid of commitment. – I like the solid answer. – I think actually I’m
afraid of commitment. (Vida laughs) – Come on, dude. (Ryan laughs)
You just said that ’cause of. – [Interviewer] Who’s
tried to turn this into a more committed relationship? – Who’s tried the most? Her. But I’ve definitely did it, too. – I know what I want. (laughs) – Go ahead. – How would you rate my
oral sex skills out of ten? – Outta ten? Like, ten for sure. 115.
– You’re just saying that now. – I was gonna say a higher
number, but it seemed corny. Do you love me? – Yes. – Do you want me to be your boyfriend? – Would you want me to be your girlfriend? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Did you just ask me out? Like are we asking each other
out through a Cut video? (Vida laughs) – [Interviewer] Is this serious? Is this real? – [Both] Yeah. – Absolutely. – [Interviewer] You’re
boyfriend and girlfriend? – Mm-hmm, for sure. – We’re in a relationship! (laughs) I guess. Like, what the fuck. – I’m so proud of you. – Me, too, that was really hard. (laughs) I didn’t expect it to happen today. I mean, I knew it was on the way. – I love you. – I love him so much. Like I knew I loved him
when he was my friend, but I love him extra. Because he’s now my boyfriend. – Extra. (applause) – Thank you.


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