Fuzhou Redwine Meesua Soup 福州红酒面线/麻油麵線 EP10

Hi Welcome to Emilee’s Kitchen. How is everyone? Today I am going to show you how to cook foochow red wine mee sua soup. Mee sua is as thin and salted rice vermicelli. In many occasions
foochow people eat this mee sua soup. For example, during the birthday,
during first day of Chinese New Year and also in the big event like wedding. Mee sua soup is not just tasty But Foochow believes it gives the health and strength especially to the confinement mother. To cook the chicken soup, I recommend
using a corn fed chicken Because it will be more tasty. You have to use a good
quality chicken. Corn fed Chicken This is how the mee sua looks like You can get this from the local Asian grocery. This is the pork lard. If you want to know how to do this, please refer to my previous video of Kolo Mee. This is the foochow red wine. I made this myself and please check out my previous video of
how to make the foochow red wine. First, chop the corn fed chicken into pieces. Mushroom need to be sliced into small pieces as well. Next add about 3 tbsp of sesame oil in
the pan and fry the ginger till fragrant. Then we add the shiitake mushroom and
fry again for a couple of minutes. Add in the chicken pieces and fry for about
3-4 min until the chicken turns white. In order to give the special flavor of
our chicken soup, we then add in the foochow red wine and fry continuously until each pieces of chicken are coated with foochow red wine Then, add enough water which basically is to cover the whole chicken in the pot. At this time, it will smell so nice. Let it boil for a few minutes minutes then cover with the lid and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes Look at the yummy drumstick! Add about 1-2 teaspoon of salt to taste. Do not add too much salt because as I mentioned earlier the mee sua is a salted rice vermicelli. Before cooking mee sua, add 3
tablespoon of pot lard in a big bowl. Now is the time to cook mee sua. Add the mee sua in a boiling water and mee sua cooks really fast. It only take about approximately 1 to 2 min. Once mee sua is cooked, drain the noodles Then serve it in a bowl with pork lard and
mix well. You can also add a few tablespoon of chicken soup so that it is easier to mix together To serve the foochow mee shua soup, we are
going to place the egg, chicken pieces and shiitake mushroom in the bowl Then we are going to pour the chicken
soup to the mee sua. Our meesua noodle is now ready. We normally share this with our friends and family during special event. Today I got some friends coming over so that’s why I am making extra. Here they come!

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