Gallo Wine Storage Tips

Toll Brothers families love the finer things in life. Today we’re joined by Lindsay Luzar from
our premiere partner Ian J. Gallo and Company. Lindsay is going to share her top tips
on the best way to store wine in your home. The first tip is keeping your wine cool. Fifty-five degrees is pretty
much ideal for both reds and whites. You want to keep your wines cool,
but you don’t want to keep them too cool. So the refrigerator might seem
like the perfect place to store your white wines. However, it actually is too cold. And also, it lacks humidity. Okay, interesting. My second tip would be consistency. We want to find a place
where there isn’t a big shift in temperature. So, for instance, a garage in the summer months might not be the best. Exactly, or even somewhere in the
kitchen that might be close to a source of heat, like the stove or a microwave. My final tip would be to be careful of light. I wouldn’t store your wine
anywhere where it’s in direct sunlight, or if you have a wine rack
and it’s directly under a light bulb, I’d be very cautious of the light and the heat. I would have never thought of that. That’s a great tip. All right, now how do we know when it is time
to invest in some type of a wine storage system? If you have anywhere from 20 to 30 bottles, it’s definitely worth looking into a wine refrigerator. If you have anything beyond 30 bottles,
then you might want to consider building a wine cellar. And you may think, gosh,
you know, where am I going to put this? There are places in your house, maybe
you have a dark closet that you don’t use very much. Or some people find that they
actually have space under their stairs. That could be a nice little unused spot. Thanks Lindsay, that is really going to help
us get the best out of every bottle that we’re serving.

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