Gaming on Linux! Neverwinter Nights 2! on linux! through wine and playonlinux

hi this is vanquished angel and welcome
to my channel I am giving you a preview of Neverwinter Nights 2 on wine now mine is gonna
little look a little different because I have a lot of player-created content I
also have a little delay in my audio and I cannot quite figure out why this is
from good old games so many years ago today I decided I’m gonna actually do the the
character creation now the audio is correct on my end I’m not sure whether such a Delay or or a change go with all these different creatures magical beasts some of these are added that one’s kinda fun let’s go for this one gonna be a ranger good name
why no singing were gonna stay with that one so many years
ago today my foster son is up and dressed I see today is the high Harvest
Fair and the West Harbor village council requires me to man the archery
competition the human need to celebrate remembrance days baffles me but is
something productive made come of it the merchant Galen is here you want my furs
as he usually does coins can be useful in getting by this past season has been
a hard one for both tilled fields and wild lands while I attend to the archery
contest I will need you to deal with the merchants fetch furs from the chests
over by the painting good I see you have the furs Galen has
probably set up his tent on the village green you’ll be enjoying the fair with
the rest of the town’s folk last season I asked him to bring a dusk would bow to
trade sell him the furs and use the coins that gives you to purchase the bow
your friends awaits you at the bridge I suppose you’re anxious to see the fair
but don’t forget to trade with galen cameras a little touchy there you are come on the fairs already
started it’s the biggest fair in years that
there’s folk in from all the outlying farms and even a few from outside the
mere that means a big audience a big audience all cheering for us this year’s
our last chance to compete for the harvest Cup our last chance to win the
mossfelds won both their matches in the harvest brawl that they’ll be tough to
beat but Amy’s bound to win the tourney of talent for us I convinced tarmas to
teach me a few new spells and I dug up a couple more from his fill books when he
wasn’t looking anyway I heard Wyl mossfeld is doing the same act this year
so that should help my chances Oh God’s not the Pixy impressions again we sign
up with Georg in the village square come on and the blight you’re sure it’s
spreading Orlan there’s no blight Georg something else
no mold no rot lots of crops don’t want to grow like to having the guts to have
a face the sun what do the Druids say well thats just the rub Georg
there’s no druids to be found not head nor heel used to be they’ve warned me of
troubles long before I notice the signs myself but this time rotten
silence you think we ought to say something everyone’s gathered for the fair moving
from the outlying farms no they ought to be free from cares at least for a day
we’ll go round tomorrow talk to the households one by one right
you are Georg tomorrow then I been wondering what I’d see the three of you last year
to compete isn’t that right better make it count then another
victory speech from that mutton head of a mossfeld and I think there’ll be a
riot rules are the same as ever when three of the four events and you
win the harvest Cup win all four and the village council grants you a special
prize and nobody’s done that since old Cormack well that’s the harvest brawl old
favorite that one and the tourney of talent but you’ve got Amy on your team
so you are certain to win thanks Georg just the truth young lady your foster
father’s running the archery competition as always and I managed to convince
Thomas to supervise the knaves challenge I guess the knaves challenge will be your
toughest event though the Mossfeld boys might say otherwise if you have any
troubles you know where to find me oh and good luck in the brawl enjoying the fair packs of feral children
settles to find trinkets grown men braining one another with clumps do you
know they’re actually granting prizes for the fattest Pig as if the creatures
needed encouragement I expect you are here for the aptly named knaves
challenge surrounded by muck reek and why not encourage our children
to be thieves as well that’s what I always tell them come to think of it I
don’t believe any of you has the skills to compete not that I’m complaining mind
you but you’ll need to find someone who can pick pockets and break locks and
search for hidden trinkets if you want to compete lock breakers pocket Pickers
I don’t know anyone like that do you what about Kip he’s always nicking vials
from Thomas and he’s right over there behind the tent isn’t that the boy who stole my basilisk
eyelash and not once but four times that’s right my frog needed eyelashes then I
got him a sweetheart and she needed them to don’t trouble yourself on my account
I’ll settle with the young artiste and his frogs later before you begin I
suppose you’ll want to hear the ryme you hadn’t heard better for me if I’d kept
my piece Georg asks for a rhyme this year that’s
what Wizards do we compose rhymes yeah I’ll demonstrate I’ve hidden three
feathers scattered them wide placed white in a box and locked it inside blue
followed termite racks down where they ran green in the pocket of same colored man yes you and half the waifs in West
Harbor I adore children did you know that swamp children particularly so you’ve decided to compete for the cup
I see I know this is your last year but the rules apply to all even foster sons fetch a crossbow from the barrel and take
a few shots of the practice target you must hit the target once before you can
compete are you ready to compete then the rules
are the same as last year 10 shots and 10 targets your targets will be old
bottles set atop the crates yonder 5 is the best score so far if you remember
the lessons that have been taught to you you should be able to best that I’ll kill you you’ll see well done I think your score will stand
this year but I will remain here until day’s end awaiting those who wish to
shoot for fun go on now there’s still more of the fair
to see you shot well today I do not think your
score will be bested sure yes well the Orlen is right this pigs been
enchanted it’s a faint aura so it could have been a simple enlargement spell or
maybe a potion well Rhetta did give us a scroll of
lesser dispelled all I have to do is read the words wait a minute
shouldn’t we say something to Louie he’s a foul old wretch but we ought to give
him a chance to withdraw his Pig from the contest before he shamed in front of
everyone what what is it you shot well today I do not think your
score will be bested a fine bow a fine one made by one who loves his craft you
may keep the rest of the gold as you allowance for the season that is all I
require of you no doubt your friends will be eager to return to the fair it
really is a dreadful day for a fair not even the tents are managing to look
cheerful thank the gods the knaves challenges won and I can go someplace
dry I kiss all of you but no one respects an affectionate wizard no need
to remind me I try never to leave my home unless I’m looking for a bath what’s up yes you do what Green in the pocket of same colored man
I’ll bet that’s him over by the house the feathers in his pocket it’s got to
be well played well played you’ve won the
Cup and all four events nobody’s done that since Cormack that warrants a
special reward of course I have a harvest cloak for you courtesy of the
village council it’ll be yours at the end of the day if there’s anything you
wanted to do before the award ceremony now’s the time maybe a mug of harvest
need to celebrate eh I’ll meet you at the stage when you’re ready for the
victory speech now I’m off yes indeed gather round mates gather round
this harvest fairs a celebration but it’s also a dark anniversary we all know
what else happened on this day not so long ago we nearly lost this village
almost lost our lives almost lost it all but we came back cleared burnt farms
buried our dead and put our ashes behind us and we
rebuilt tougher and stronger than ever long as there’s a harvest Fair we won’t
forget that day and our young folks they’ll stay tough long as they compete
for the harvest cup so let’s hear it for this year’s winners three cheers for the
harvest champions hooray the village is under attack West Harbour
is under attack you’re safe grab a weapon we need to help defend the
village I’m not sure they came pouring in from the swamp and started tearing
the village apart we better hurry I saw some of them following us on our way
here you’re likely to hit this house next it’s in that chest
next to your bed you keep everything in there remember hurry up and arm yourself
the longer we wait the more we put the village at risk there you are I saw some of those
creatures enter your house and it is good to see you safe I don’t know where
these beasts came from but we need every sword at the southern bridge more of
these creatures are on the way and in greater numbers Georg is trying to
gather the militia but I fear he would not be able to
marshal the defense in time and without help this village will fall lives may
depend on the acting now not after the battle every man I can heal and get back
into the fight the greater our chances head south along the road I will stay
here and look for the wounded then join you
Georg should be at the bridge join him quickly he will no doubt have orders
for you but before you go you take this blessing from lathander all of you
if you are wounded or need another blessing in the fight ahead you simply
return and speak to me thank you for watching and have a good

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