Gewürztraminer: A Great Sushi Wine

Wow. Look at this crazy thing. This is a Lychee or the Litchee. I can’t
really figure out how to pronounce it, because everybody seems to say it
differently. The lychee fruit is an Asian specialty.
It’s hard to find, its seasonal so therefore a lot of Americans don’t even
know about it. So what does this juicy little bad boy
tastes like anyway? Mmm. There’s a little pit inside too. So juicy, that flesh is kind of chewy. It’s pungent, floral almost like a rose petal
meets a really grapey grape. if that kind of flavor profile sounds like something
that might be appealing and refreshing to you, then you’re going to love this
wine right here. This is Gewurztraminer, from Alsace France. This wine
right here – it’s like somebody took those lychees
and just captured in a bottle. Man, look at that beautiful golden color. Wow, it’s floral, it’s pungent, it’s
refreshing. It’s almost the exact same flavor
profile as what i described as lychee. Coincidentally the flavors found in Gewurztraminer are a great compliment to spicy Asian food and
sushi. Now, as difficult as it can be to find lychee fruit, it’s actually not so hard to find a good
bottle of Gewurz. This brand right here is super popular and can be found
in most stores – for about sixteen dollars. To learn more about Alsace and the
Gewurztraminer grape, check out our on-location videos. Hey, thanks so much for watching today
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