GH Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne Review: A Green Apple Sparkling Wine?

Paul Anthony: Hello welcome to Bespoke Unit. My name’s Paul Anthony. C.P.: And I’m C.P. Paul Anthony: And today we’re gonna be looking
at GH Mumm Champagne. So in the intro you’ve just seen us savoring
this GH Mumm with the George Jesen sabor you’ve seen in front of us. We have links below to that sabor as well
as other links to our champagne content. So Charles as our resident champagne
expert who lives in Champagne France, there is no excuse why you can’t download on us
right now what this champagne is telling us. C.P.: Well first of all lets just talk about
GH Mumm founded in 1827. This particular cuvee is the
Grand Cordon, the one below, which we’ve already reviewed and rated. Check out the links. The pairing on the right and in the description. This is the more exclusive one. Grand Cordon, you see this
big red sash, is the sash, Napoleon’s would wear. So those who earn this big, sort of, knighthood,
would wear a sash across them, and so when this champagne was released, it was actually
delivered in silk sash to show this. Another interesting detail in the champagne
bottle, is you can see that it is hollow, so it isn’t printed on the label, but it is
actually built into the glass, which is a nice detail. Paul Anthony: Yeah, it’s very nice, yeah. C.P.: Holding it, it just fits right in the
thumb. So with that said, let’s talk about what’s
inside. So, you’ve had a sniff already, haven’t you? Paul Anthony: I’ve had a sniff. I’ve had a little sip, and I’m liking what
I’m sniffing and tasting. For me, I’m always a bit partial to apple. Not sure if you’re getting that in there. Actually a little bit citrussy as well. C.P.: In terms of robe we’re
getting a pale straw robe as well as very fine and small bubbles that
are gliding gracefully to the top. This has been open for a good couple of minutes,
because we sabored it earlier and we’ve been preparing for this video. So, it isn’t as it was when it was first opened. But in terms of nose, I’d say, you mentioned
the green apple earlier. It’s definitely there, along with a bit of
brioche, so yeastiness, and some straw. So next step, let’s try the palette and see
what we get. Paul Anthony: Okay, I’ve already been there
a few times, but, I’ll keep going. Yeah, I’m really liking
this, actually. I think champagne’s a little bit of an acquired
taste, it’s got to be the right time of day, or the right kind of event. But sitting down here on a Friday, late afternoon,
with you, reviewing champagnes, this is definitely one, I think you can … it’s very accessible. C.P.: It is a very accessible champagne. And, it does come at a very reasonable price
point. It comes around $50, something like you paid. Yeah? Paul Anthony: Especially for the more premium
… How does this compare to the original one that you tried? C.P.: The Cordon Rouge is less
refined, considerably less refined, actually. Still quite tart, but it’s more in the straw,
apricot, citrussy, whereas this is very much in the green apple, which means that there
is much more chardonnay in here. Excuse me, it’s also quite, there’s also sort
of a nuttiness to it. And quite caramel honey finish, as well, chalk
… ending. Paul Anthony: Yeah, I kind of got a little
of that dryness, yeah, with the chalkiness there. C.P.: So, there is much more chardonnay in
this. I don’t know the exact composition. And it is much more refreshing, more complex
than its cheaper counterpart. Paul Anthony: Do you think this champagne
will taste best on its own or would you pair it with food, and if so, what food would you
pair it with? C.P.: I think you could have this on its own,
you could enjoy it perfectly fine during an aperitif with friends. Get some pretzels out, some nuts, things like
that. Paul Anthony: French fries, would you say? C.P.: French fries, indeed. French fries and champagne is a fantastic
combination. I cannot rate it enough. Alternatively, it would be great with starters,
such as salads, and some fish. It’s also great with your mains. Seafood would be a great combination. But I’d steer away from anything that is red
meat, anything that is too bold. Paul Anthony: Overpower
it, it’s quite delicate. C.P.: It is a very delicate blend. And the green apples, it’s too dry, too tart. You just want to feel at home. Paul Anthony: I’ve been really impressed with
the presentation. From the, kind of, sash. C.P.: The sash. Paul Anthony: The sash,
there, and even on the plaque itself, it’s a pretty nice cork there. It’s kind of jammed in there from the sabering
exploits with the glass. Yeah overall it’s just a great bottle of champagne. C.P.: I’m actually pleasantly surprised by
this, because the Cordon Rouge was a good, reasonably priced, middle of the
road, this isn’t much more expensive. It’s just the next one up. It’s always seen as an equivalent because
it’s not the Cordon Rouge which is the one below isn’t readily available
in the United States, so this is more of the first in line over here. But it’s also very, very good. It’s actually … Paul Anthony: Around 50 bucks, I think this
is a great option, kind of, if you’re bringing a bottle of champagne to an event or hosting
a party, it’s not just standard big two. C.P.: Exactly. Paul Anthony: I’m sure everyone’s aware of
this, just kind of branches you out a little bit, makes sure maybe got a bit more knowledge. Maybe if I was hosting a party after tasting
this, I think it would definitely be one that I would go and reach for now. C.P.: So if you want to see the best prices
and where you can find this champagne, just look in the description below and we’ve got
a couple of links there to help you on your way. Paul Anthony: Perfect, so thanks for that
expert level coverage there, Charles Philippe, as always we really
welcome your comments and questions in the section below, wherever you think there are
champagnes that are suited to this, better value than this, or ones that you would recommend
over this. That’s in the conversation below. Like this video. If you like it, you also see in the description
section of this video, many more links that will teach you all about champagne, from Charles
Philippe, champagne silo on, as well as other champagne
reviews. So with that, my name is Paul Anthony. C.P.: I’m C.P. Paul Anthony: We’ll see you next time. C.P.: Cheers. Paul Anthony: Cheers.

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